Play Meta Quest 2 in the Dark | KKCOBVR O2Pro IR 10000mAh Battery Strap Review


In this video, I check out the KKCOBVR O2Pro IR 10,000mAh Battery Strap which also has an IR emitter to allow you to play in dark and dimly lit rooms up to 50sqm.

You can buy this head strap for $69.99 from AliExpress ➡️, $79.99 from Amazon US ➡️, £99.99 from Amazon UK, from Amazon ES ➡️, and also $130.47 from Amazon CA ➡️

This Elite style head strap for the Quest 2 features a large 10,000mAh swappable battery, meaning its rear weight also makes this head strap well counterbalanced, it’s hinged at the sides to make it easy to remove and put on the headset, and it has a padded velcro top strap, and finally, it also features a built-in IR light to help use your Quest 2 in poorly lit areas of up to 50 square metres.

In the box, you get a paper instruction manual, there is a rubber clip-on rear pad, there’s the main head strap, you get one swappable battery, and you also get a foam-padded top strap. You can also buy additional P2 battery packs to swap the existing battery pack with, once it has run out of power, for continuous play.


Installation of the head strap involves that you first attach the rear rubber pad to the rear of the head strap, then feed the shorter end of the padded top strap through the rear loop of the rear pad, and after removing the facial interface, insert the other end of the strap into the front loop of the headset. Next, you slide the sides of the head strap onto the side rails of the headset and connect one of the two USB connects into the Quest 2, and the other into the underside port of the head strap to power the IR light. After reinstalling the facial interface, you then attached the magnetic battery to the back of the strap, and the installation is complete.

Hinged Sides

The side of the head strap carries the same hinge mechanism as the Kiwi design Elite strap to tilt the headset upwards during a session and to allow you an easier way to put the headset on and remove it from your head. Unlike the Kiwi strap, its hinge isn’t restricted, so it is able to move both upwards and downwards, which can give the head strap less rigidity, but with the top strap the strap is still well counterbalanced due to the extra weight of the battery at the back.

Due to how the battery attaches to the strap, the adjustment dial is more located on the inner side of the rear of the strap, which can make it a little more difficult to turn if you have smaller hands. But its adjustment mechanism is good, whilst the rear of the strap can also be pushed inwards for faster tightening and adjustment. 

Swappable 10,000mAh Battery

This strap comes with a 10,000mAh swappable battery, that attaches to the rear of the strap via two strong magnetic points on the inside. This is considerably more than most other battery straps for the Quest 2 and it will see playtime extended by up to an additional 5.5 hours, which is plenty for a long gaming session over a few days, and with an extra battery pack you can charge and swap each battery for continued uninterrupted playtime on your Quest 2.

Like the BOBOVR batteries, you have a small button on the top to manually choose to start and stop charging your Quest 2, which is great to see, and alongside this button is a USB-C port to charge it and on the other side, there are four LED status lights that will tell you how charged the battery is. 

Attaching the battery is easily done, and the two magnets hold the battery firmly in place. Swapping out the battery whilst the headset is on is easy to achieve, as you can feel the correct orientation of the battery by the location of its top button. Once attached you get a confirming beep to let you know the battery is on and its charging is underway.

On the side of the head strap, it has a coiled power cable with two USB-C connectors at the end. Both are of the same length so I guess each one doesn’t have a specific connection, so it’s as simple as one goes into the Quest 2 to charge it, whilst the other connects to a USB-C port underneath the left side rail to power the IR emitter.

IR Blaster

The IR emitter sits on the left side of the head strap and it has two modes that are toggled with the power button located on the top edge of the left side rail of the strap. The first mode is for room sizes between 25-35 square metres, and the next mode emits a more powerful light for larger rooms between 40-50 square meters. The IR emitter comes into play when you’re playing in the dark or a very dimly lit room where the Quest 2 can track its position in the room with its front-facing optical lenses. With this strap firing out Infra-red the Quest 2 cameras can see much more clearly and maintain a good level of tracking in dim or dark rooms.


Fully charging the 10,000mAh battery took me around X hours X mins using a 100W wall adapter. You can choose to charge the battery with it connected to the headset, and in turn, it will first charge the Quest 2 before charging its own battery. Again, data passthrough is not supported on this USB-C port.

My Impressions

This Q2 Pro Battery Head Strap from KKCOBVR retails for $69.99 or the equivalent in your own currency, with free shipping, from their official store on AliExpress. And I’ll leave a direct link to this strap below to learn more about this strap and to buy one.

My time with this strap was positive. I didn’t get any discomfort from the strap over long periods of use. The battery at the back makes the whole strap well counterbalanced and the small micro adjustments of the dial at the back offer the ability to get the right tightness. The foam top strap is a simple addition that goes a long way, adding additional comfort to the strap, and because the rear rubber pad matches the size of the official strap, you can pick up a rear foam pad from VR Cover (Amazon) to enhance the strap’s comfort even more. 

Due to the side hinges not locking below the horizontal line, can affect the strap’s overall rigidity, but it does make it easier to fit into more cases. The ability to remove the battery also helps it fit in more cases than some other bulkier battery straps, as it only takes up as much weight as the official Elite strap, so many cases out there should fit this strap.

I don’t play Quest 2 much in the dark or in dimly lit rooms, but I did test this strap’s IR out in poor and no light in the room and the Quest 2 was able to be used as if I had daylight or the room light on. So if you prefer to play in such conditions this strap might be for you.

Even if you don’t use the IR emitter, the additional second power cable can also come in handy with some other Quest 2 accessories, such as anti-fogging fans like their K2 defogging facial interface, which I will be reviewing soon on this channel, or a pair of USB-C-powered headphones.

I tried a few headphones with this head strap, and even with its side clip on, all the over-ear headphones I tried fitted ok, with a few minor adjustments to get the foam underneath the side rails.

As fitting in cases goes. With the battery pack removed it fitted in the official Quest 2 case without any issues, and it also fits inside the more compact Kiwi design case too, both had plenty of room for the battery pack and any additional ones you would want to carry too.

Considering its price, this 10,000mAh battery strap from KKCOBVR is a bargain if you’re looking for comfort, and long playtime and want the IR functionality or the means to power second accessories on your Quest 2. Sadly its full motion hinge point lets it down a little for me, but if you can work around this feature, the Q2 Pro is a decent Elite-style battery strap for the Quest 2.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:42 – Unboxing
1:04 – Installation
1:42 – Features & Design
4:05 – IR Blaster
4:44 – Charging 10000mAh battery
5:05 – My impressions

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