Official Oculus Quest Travel Case Review

With the Oculus Quest being a portable VR headset it’s highly likely that you will be taking it outside the safety of your gaming den and into the wild open world. You will want to keep your $399 to $499 Oculus Quest safe and secure, right? So you will need a case. 

The official Oculus Quest Travel Case is the perfect case for your Oculus Quest. Oculus has used every spare inch in and around this case to keep its case overall size very compact so that it fits closely to the form of the Oculus Quest and its controllers. 

Inside the hard exterior is a soft inside case lining and foam to keep everything in place.

Inside the hard fabric covered shell you’ll find a softer inside that will keep the Quest free from any scratches and the zip is also covered to prevent anything from getting in whilst protecting the Quest inside once you’re zipping it up to close it. 

Directly in the middle of the base size of this case is a non-removable compartment with a soft covered lid. Flipping the lid cover up reveals a small enough compartment that can easily fit inside a USB-C charging cable, the USB-C wall adapter, a couple of batteries for your Touch controllers and a lens cleaning cloth. 

You can fit a number of accessories inside the compartment – power cable and adapter etc.

With the compartment lid closed you’ll notice two indentations on the top, these perfectly position and fix the two Oculus Touch Controllers firmly in the case. Inserting the grip of each controller into the sensor loop of the other you then push the controllers into the two recesses of the soft base compartment lid. 

Oculus Touch controllers slide into each other and insert into the case recesses

Finally, you can then insert your Oculus Quest into the case. First you place the main head part of the Quest in at the bottom of the case, and then feed the headset strap over the controllers and down into the small gap at the top of the case. There is no need to adjust the straps here, thanks to the bungee functionality of the headband that allows the headset strap to stretch to sit firmly in place. Everything fits very snugly and without much room for any extra movement when you’re carrying the case around, your Quest is kept firmly in place and very secure. 

The case with Quest headset positioned inside

There’s room for more

With everything you need inside this very small and compact case, you will be surprised that you can even fit a few additional Quest accessories in amongst the gaps around the head strap and between the headset and the Touch controllers. 

The Anker 20000mAh external battery easily fits inside the case

I was able to fit the very large Anker 20000mAh external battery inside this case, which means anything smaller or more portable, like the compact Anker 10000 PD battery bank, will also fit inside just as well. 

If your Quest it fitted with a larger VR Cover, this will fit too. It will not drop in and fit as easily though, it will take a little extra second or two, but more importantly it does fit with either VR foam cover size you choose, and even if you have a VR Cover cotton cover on it too.

I was also surprised that this case also fits my Touch grips from Mamut in this case. Positioning the larger grips between the sensor loops isn’t as easy as without the grips, but it is possible when you get the angle right. You simply rotate them in order to slide them in together. Once done, both controllers easily drop into the Touch recess compartments in the case. 

Oculus Quest with VR Cover and Mamut Grips all fit inside this case

If you’re going to insert anything between the headset lenses I would really recommend you get a Oculus Quest lens cover or use a soft cloth to protect the lenses from anything coming in contact with them whilst the Quest is in the case and it is being moved around. 

For $40 directly from Amazon or from the Oculus official store, this official Oculus Quest case is a must-have accessory for your Quest. Sure there are much cheaper alternatives out there, but most do not provide such a perfectly tailored fit for the Oculus Quest and it’s many additional accessories and attachments. If you’re still transporting your Quest around loosely in the back of your backpack, or you’re still using its bulky original box, I recommend that you do you and your Quest a favour and keep your shiny piece or VR tech protected with the Oculus Quest case.

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