Oculus Quest Skins / Stickers / Decals Installation & Review

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We take a look at some Oculus Quest Stickers that are available to buy from Etsy shop – BeautifulData – Browse all the stickers on offer and use our coupon ‘OQPLAY‘ at checkout for 15% off your order.

In this video, we take look at and install the various stickers and decals that we’ve been supplied for review. The Quest Stickers Etsy shop offers a variety of ways to customise your Oculus Quest headset and controllers to help make it your own, to be more personable, and if you have multiple Quests in your home, you can make it much easier to tell each one apart with a few stickers added to each of them.

What I like is the controller decals, which come in various colour options, but I chose the classic Beat Saber red and blue colours for my left and right controllers. This easily tells each controller apart from a distance, and you will never pick-up the wrong controller in the wrong hand again!

Baymax from Big Hero 6 looks super cute on your Quest 2 headset

Application is super easy to do, with some stickers coming stuck to a sheet and some vinyl-based decals requiring a little more patience to apply them. Once the stickers are applied they are firmly in place, but should you want a change of design for your headset or controllers, you can easily peel them off without any leftover residue, then buy something different from their store to change your look again.

Each decal retails for around £7 with FREE UK delivery, so have a look through the many stickers for your Oculus Quest and don’t forget to use our coupon code ‘OQPLAY‘ to get a little extra off the total cost of your order.


00:00 Intro
01:02 Install controller decals
05:51 Install Elite Strap decals
09:09 Install front headset decals
13:20 First-impressions review

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