Oculus Quest Lens Cover/Protector Review

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If there is one thing that has me paranoid when I have my Oculus Quest outside of its case, that is protecting my Quest internal lenses. Whether it’s making sure the magnifying lenses are facing away from a sunny open window, to remembering to place a loose cloth inside the facial interface to protect them from being scratched, making sure your lenses are covered and protected can be a constant worry for anyone being careful of their $399-$499 Oculus Quest headset

I’ve seen many cheap and simple solutions for keeping the Quest’s optical lenses free from damage or screen burn from direct sunlight. I’ve seen cloths and stuffed socks being used, through to generally keeping the headset in a case, in a cupboard, or even in a windowless room. Some of these can sound a little extreme, but thankfully there has been a growing community of homemade crafters online who are 3D printing a more aesthetically pleasing and a more practical solution.

Browsing eBay and Etsy you can find a growing number of sellers 3D printing what they think is their best solution to protecting the Oculus Quest internal lenses. Yet it was this one in particular from BaptieWright 3D that caught my attention the most.

Currently, this Oculus Quest Lens Cover/Protector retails for $18.00 (plus shipping for anyone outside of the USA) this cover is simple, yet it has been crafted well enough that it fits very well inside the stock interface of the Oculus Quest – it even fits ok inside the replacement facial interface from VR Cover too. 

There are a number of colour options available to suit your tastes, from Blue, Red, Black, White and Pink. There are also ‘fancier’ covers such as the 4th of July Edition, Brass, one that glows in the dark, and a Marble effect is also available. The latter colour options carry a slightly higher price tag, but the Marble cover specifically gives a premium feel that definitely looks the part. 

This PLA plastic cover is rigid and well constructed. Its edges appear to have been sanded lightly to remove sharp or rough corners that commonly found on freshly 3D printed items. On the inside is the maker’s logo, whilst on the outside, the cover is smooth to the touch without any sharp points that could damage you Quest when being inserted. 

The thickness and style of the cover easily block light from getting through, and the nose gap is also covered thanks to its protruding plastic nose piece. The cover also covers the entire inside of the headset, so this means that it will also cover the proximity sensor at the top. So if you have this default option turned on, this cover will stop the wake-up functionality from working, that’s until you pull the cover off. 

This didn’t bother me because I have this feature turned off to save on the battery life of the Quest.  However, if you do use this functionality, it’s maker also makes two other versions of this Quest Cover, one that allows the ability to uncover the proximity sensor and one that includes a mirror to fix your ‘Quest hair’ after a long session. 

For the small price of $18 plus shipping from Etsy, this Oculus Quest Lens Cover/Protector from BaptieWright 3D is a no brainer. It’s a small price to pay for protecting your headset, that would need completely replacing if you manage to get any screen burn or scratched lenses. I couldn’t recommend protecting your Oculus Quest enough. So do you and your Quest a favour and grab a cover as soon as possible, before it’s too late.

Oculus Quest Lens Cover/Protector from £$18 (10% off)

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Oculus Quest Mirror Cover from $19.80 (10% off)

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