Must Have Accessory For Your Oculus Quest 2 Soft Strap (AMVR Head Pad Review)

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Enjoy our AMVR Head Pad Review, which is a must have accessory for the official soft strap. You can buy the AMVR Head Pad for Oculus Quest 2 Soft Strap for $15.99 or £13.99 from Amazon US directly here → or from Amazon UK here →

This accessory attaches to the back of the default soft strap and it helps reduce any discomfort that you get with the original strap by spreading the force of pressure around the back of your head. It looks similar to the back panel on the Oculus Elite Strap, the pads lower section balances the weight of the Quest 2 to help improve the overall comfort of the headset.

The pad comes in two colours. Black, and there is a white colour option (that doesn’t quite match the same white of the Quest 2). There are three connection points that connect to each part of the soft strap, which helps keep it firmly in place. It’s made from high-grade TPU material, which is soft and comfortable to wear on the back of your head. It’s also water-resistant, durable and lightweight, weighing only 60 grams. Inside the head pad it is smooth, which makes it easy to clean if it gets sweaty from any long term play sessions, or for any VR fitness you may do on your Quest 2.

It’s super easy to install. You first remove the Quest 2 interface to remove the top strap. This top strap then feeds through the top of the head pad and then back through the headset. With the interface reinstalled, you just have to pass the horizontal part of the strap through two end points of the pad, and that’s the pad fitted.

With the pad attached I noticed how much easier it makes it to put the headset on, as you can grab the lower part of the pad, like a handle, and pull that over to the back of your head. When wearing the headset with the AMVR head pad attached, I noticed that due to the curvature of the pad, even though it has a soft TPU material, it felt like it fitted better with the pad positioned higher at the back of my head than lower down, where it could have given better support.

I also noticed that if you loosened the top strap to bring the head pad lower down the back of your head, I got the support I needed and the headset was a little more stable, but the lower part of the head pad wasn’t making full contact at the base of my head.

With the head pad added, the soft strap did feel more comfortable to wear and more supportive. It makes it much easier to put on, and because the adjustable parts of the strap were on the outside of the pad, I didn’t feel them digging into the back of my head as they would without it.

It’s a shame the white is a little brighter than the Quest 2, and it doesn’t quite match. For that reason alone I would recommend the black version over the white option. With the head pad being made of rubber that’s easy to clean, so if you think the soft strap fabric might get a little dirty over time, then this pad will help protect that from happening too.

If you still use the default stock strap and you think you need a little extra support or sweat protection at the back of the headset , or you want something that prevents the adjustment parts of the strap from digging into your head, then this rear pad from AMVR might be a great solution for you.

It’s no match or replacement for a dedicated strap, such as the Official Elite Strap or Halo strap. This accessory is more for the price conscious person or for someone who prefers the flexibility of the soft strap or prefers the comfort of the soft strap to watch movies, for example.

You can buy the AMVR Head Pad for Oculus Quest 2 Soft Strap for $15.99 or £13.99 from Amazon US directly here → or from Amazon UK here →

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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Brief overview
0:47 – Unboxing
2:00 – Installation
2:22 – Overall impressions

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