Moss – Oculus Quest Review

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The majority of VR games are usually viewed in a first-person viewpoint, so it’s always refreshing to experience games that challenge that trend and approach VR games from a different viewpoint. Moss is one such game that blends both first-person and third-person viewpoints. You play as an observer in first-person, whilst controlling a cute little white mouse in third-person, all in a wonderfully crafted adventure.

You play as two rolls in Moss, controlling a cute female mouse called Quill, who unites with you ‘the reader’ on a swashbuckling adventure through a colourful fantasy world full of discovery, danger, friendship and a whole lot of surprises.

The game’s narrative is told through a book containing a series of chapters, each telling the tail of Quill and her quest to find and rescue her uncle from Sarffog, a fire-breathing snake who has overthrown her kingdom. Quill begins as a young, fragile and vulnerable character, but through experiences and confrontations with characters along her journey she soon evolves into being increasingly brave and heroic.

In first-person you are The Reader, a ghostly masked character who can only be viewed in the water reflections below you, whilst each of your hands resembles two glowing orbs that you use to interact with Quill’s world that’s full of challenges and puzzles. You simply grab, pull or push moving blocks to create platforms for Quill to later jump onto, to rotating steps and walls to avoid danger or reach higher ground within the world around her.

You also directly control Quill in third-person using your thumbstick and the face buttons to jump and attack enemies with her toothpick-sized sword. The combat and platform jumping is highly intuitive and it works really well in third-person. Sometimes you can miss judge jumps and ledges and fall to your death, but luckily you progress in the world is saved per ‘room’ rather than going back to the very start of the chapter.

Quill faces a variety of crab-like enemies in the game, each with their own methods to defeat them. She’s a nimble little fighter; dodging attacks and returning with a killing blow is really satisfying to execute let alone watch. In later levels, you encounter projectile and explosive enemies, which brings new challenges in the gameplay and it helps keep combat fresh and less repetitive.

With your overseeing ability to interact with the world you can also overpower and control enemies in the world around Quill. Allowing you to move them on to trigger buttons on the floor, destroy walls, to shooting out-of-reach switches to aid Quill along her journey. You can also temporarily disable enemies and make combat that little bit easier for you too.

From its colourful and rich environments to the wonderful voice acting, it’s sound effects and music score, the atmosphere and immersion in the game all merge very well together to help draw you into Quill’s world you play in. Being able to lean, duck and peek into hidden areas and corners of the world in VR is something that you’re not able to to do in flat games of this genre. Once you’ve experienced this enhancement, you do not want to go back to flat games of this type again.

Moss is one of the few, much deeper games that are currently available on the Quest. Each chapter in Quill’s story tells an adventure that’s captivating and enjoyable from beginning to end. There’s plenty of gameplay here for the price of $29.99 on the Oculus Store, even more so with the additional Twilight Garden DLC chapter, which seamlessly flows through the game’s main narrative. If you’ve yet to experience Moss, then you’re missing out. Stop reading and download the game right now – Quill is waiting for you!

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