Mamut Touch Grips – Oculus Quest Review

When there is a demand for a product that provides a solution to a commonly shared problem, this usually leads to a successful fundraising campaign. The Mamut Touch grips grew out of such a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign, originally for the Oculus Rift Touch controllers.

So what was the problem? Well, for some people, the Oculus Touch controllers either had the tendency to slip out of people’s hands when grip was lost, or due to the loss of grip buttons and triggers would get accidentally pressed.

And along came Mamut and their Touch Grips. A knuckles based strap that allows you to not only remove your grip from the Touch controllers and keep them on your hands, the knuckle strap also allows you to maintain a constant grip around the controllers without the need to firmly grip them.

The Mamut Touch Grips is a product that you think you don’t need until you try them out, and when you do, you can’t go back to not having them wrapped around your hands. That sounds corny but in reality, all the demand that’s grown from the VR community is true. These grips continusouly sell out on the Mamut store.

It’s a surprise to me that Oculus hasn’t adopted a similar strapping system for the Quest Touch controllers. Even the recently released Valve Index has adopted as similar knuckle system for their own VR controllers.

Attaching the Mamut Grips onto your Touch controllers is very simply done. You first open the battery compartment and slide out the existing straps from each controller. You can keep the original Touch straps on and feed them through the holes in each Mamut grip, however, I found the Mamut straps way more convenient to put on without them.

With the straps removed you can place the battery covers back on and then slide each grip onto the bottom of each controller handle. After this you take each lace strap and wind this through the Touch sensor rings and through the top holes of the Mamut grip and down into the bottom sprint adjustable holes located on the bottom of the grip, thus making the strap for your knuckles.

With the Grips installed on each controller, you are good to go. Simply slide your hand in between the controller handle and the lace band of the Mamut Grips. For the best fitment, you may need to position the laces further over your knuckles and then play with the tension of the strap by adjusting the length of the laces through the adjustable holes at the base of the grip.

The whole idea and design is simple but it is really effective. It’s of no surprise that there has been a number of hacks on how to get the same effect using hair-bands or cable-ties along with the original plastic Touch strap.

Although this does achieve a similar result, it doesn’t match the same quality and aesthetic as the Mamut Grips. They also do no allow for the minute adjustment that the Mamut Grips can do, and if you suffer from the battery panels sliding off during gameplay, the Mamut Grips help keep everything together in that department too.

The fitment of its rubber mounts have been designed really well around the controller’s handles and the laces are thick and soft to the touch. Everything is of a high quality that I am sure will last as long as I will be using the Oculus Quest. Also, should they perish in the far future, they are just laces after all. They can be easily replaced using the same mount grip, which can’t be said for the hack modded version of this system.

For the price of $37.95 direct from the Mamut Store, the Mamut Grips may appear a little expensive for what they do, but their comfort and ease simply eclipse its fairly minimal cost. I could not recommend them enough.

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