KKCOBVR Q2 For Oculus Quest 2 Elite Head Strap With Battery Pack Review

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Enjoy my KKCOBVR Q2 5200mAh Battery Elite Halo Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy this strap for $53.99 or £49 from AliExpress. or for $59.99 from Amazon US here → https://amzn.to/3Cco4pk or from Amazon UK here → https://amzn.to/2YF9sBg.

There are a number of halo straps for the Quest 2 as well as a few battery pack solutions, but we don’t have many head straps with attached battery packs included on them. Up until recently, there has only been the official Oculus Elite Strap With Battery head strap, which is a great head strap for the Quest 2 that includes a 4,676mAh battery pack at the back, however, I’m sure a lot of you might be a little bit concerned with the many Elite Strap breakages, and that you might be seeking an alternative battery strap.

Three new battery straps have been released this month, and the first to arrive for review is this Q2 head strap from KKCOBVR. On first looks you’ll find some similarities between the Elite Strap with Battery and the BOBOVR M2 halo strap, due to its two black head support arms that support the top of your head, however, unlike the BOBOVR M2, both of these support arms can be rotated forward and back to get the best position and comfort on your head.

Also on the back, there is a rather large piece of thick plastic that inside houses 2 separate rechargeable batteries, each with a capacity of 2,600mAh, and they each sit in their own separate compartments above and below the back piece of the head strap. This makes a combined total capacity of 5,200mAh in this headset, which is 524mAh of extra battery storage over the Elite Strap with Battery. So with this head strap, you should at least get double the overall playtime of around 5-6 hours on the Quest 2, which is probably more than enough time to play VR in a single session, or it should last you a number of days if you play for an hour or two each day.

In the box you get the Q2 head strap already assembled, there is a USB-A to USB-C charging cable that connects to the battery at the back and into the Quest 2 charging port. And there is a small manual that tells you how best to wear the head strap and how to attach the battery cable using the two built-in cable hook attachment points on the side of the headset.

Installation and features

Installation is fairly simple. Instead of clipping on each side of the head strap onto the side rails of the Quest 2, this strap slides onto the Quest 2 side rails from the front side, which is a little better as it puts less strain on the side rails if you have to install this strap regularly. Once the head strap is attached, that is pretty much the installation done and the next step is to connect the USB-A end of the charging cable into the socket on the back of the head strap battery compartment and then feed the cable along the left-hand side of the head strap and into the USB-C charging port of the Quest 2.

The back of the head strap is where battery storage, status lights, and charging ports are on this head strap. As I mentioned before, there is a total of 5200mAh battery split between two separate batteries. It has two USB ports on the back. The USB-A port is used for charging the Quest 2, whilst the USB-C port is there to charge the head strap batteries back up. 

There are three indicator lights alongside the USB-C port that indicate the charging status of the battery. So one light for low, two lights for medium, and three lights indicate that the battery is fully charged. These lights flash when the head strap’s batteries are being charged, and they also let you know if the head strap is charging the Quest 2 or not. Charging the Quest 2 is done by simply pressing the small white charging button that sits next to the status lights on the back of the headset, and double pressing it will turn the charging off. This is great if you want to manually limit when you want to charge the Quest 2, however you can keep it always on and it will stop charging when the Quest 2 has completed charging.

On the inside of the rear strap, there is a very unusual choice of foam padding. This padding is very solid, probably the toughest foam I’ve ever experienced on a Quest 2 head strap. The unusual bit is that they have decided to reduce the thickness of the padding directly in the middle of the rear pad. This means that the back of your head doesn’t have full contact with the whole of the rear foam pad, which I find a little bit concerning because you only have two separate points of contact at the back of your head, and once the head strap is tightened, you have two separate pressure points applied at the back of the head with this strap, and it can get quite uncomfortable over long periods of time. Personally, I would have preferred a softer and full-width foam pad at the back.

Wearing the strap

Now onto the two head pads that reach over from the sides of the head strap. These are a bit longer and are more padded than the BOBOVR M2. They have a foam density that feels very similar to the softer ear cup foam found on most headphones. These two arms are able to fold forward and backward to get the best comfort from this head strap, which leads me to how best this head strap is meant to be worn on your head.

There are two ways you can put this head strap on your head. Both require tightening of the head strap using the fairly solid turn dial at the back of the strap. The first is by positioning the side rails and rear strap so it looks like the official Elite Strap, whilst the head padded arms are positioned 90° to the side of the strap and they sit on the top of your head. 

At this position, I found that I needed to use the bundled Velcro top head strap to help support the total weight of the head strap and utilise the counterbalance effect from the battery at the back. Unfortunately, the top head strap material is made entirely from soft loop material, so if you are working out with this head strap, this will absorb sweat.

The second way of installing the strap is by positioning the top head bars towards the back of your head, then you angle the side rails diagonally upwards, and the rear strap is angled downwards towards the lower back of your head. At this position, I found the head strap was more secure, and for some, you might be able to do away with the top fabric head strap completely. However, this position does add a lot more pressure to the top front of the facial interface, so if you’re not using a comfortable thick foam pad on your facial interface, I can imagine this will get more uncomfortable after long periods of use. 

Between both of these positions, I found the second diagonal strap position to be the most secure and comfortable, but I did find that the rear part, with its two larger pads that support the back of my head, began to be a little bit more uncomfortable over time, whereas it would have been more comfortable with a continuous piece of thick foam padding at the back of the head strap.

My Impresions

The KKCOBEVR Q2 head strap for the Quest 2 retails from $53.99 or £46 on AliExpress during their 11:11 sale, and it will soon be available on Amazon for $59.99, and you can check out my links below to learn more and to buy yourself one.

As battery life goes, whilst playing the latest Star Wars DLC, I found the battery wasn’t fast enough to keep the Quest 2 charging whilst it was on its lowest charge. So this battery is best used to slow the reduction of battery drain of the headset’s battery and increase your playtime that way. For less demanding apps its speed might be sufficient. 

Charging the Quest 2 from the battery took just over 2 hours at an average speed of around 6-7 Watts. And charging the head strap battery took between 2-3 hours. I tried charging from different chargers upto a 60 Watts, but the battery would only charge at speeds no more than around 8-10 Watts, with the Oculus’ 10W charger being the fastest. You can charge both headset and battery at the same time, and I would expect that to take around 3-4 hours for both to be charged at 100%, with the headset charging first before the battery begins to charge. 

Wearing over-ear headphones with this headset is possible. However, if you wear the top arms further back, in its second configuration, this can restrict the headphone band from sitting on top and limit the earcups from going over your ears. I tried the strap with both my Bose QC35s and SteelSeries Arctis 3s and both were able to go over the head strap and sit well on my ears.

Overall, I found this strap to be a halfway house between the elite strap and a halo strap, and because of that, for me, the whole package doesn’t fully work out too well. 

After some time with this head strap, I found that the lack of a forehead band on this strap was really restricting the strap’s full potential. I don’t know if they did this to make it look more different from the BOBOVR M2, but there’s a reason why you need it with this type of hybrid Elite / Halo strap. And without the top head strap, you start to feel the whole weight of the headset and strap rest on a number of small pressure points.

If its makers were looking to update the strap I would introduce the forehead pad at the front, to reduce the need for a top strap. Then have a better full-width foam pad at the rear of the strap. Replace the fabric material top strap with a wipeable material, and possibly use USB-C output for charging the Quest 2 to allow for faster charging speeds from the built-in battery.


0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Brief overview
2:12 – Unboxing
2:33 – Installation
3:08 – Rear Strap Battery
3:25 – USB ports and charging
4:14 – Rear padding
4:59 – Top padded arms
5:23 – 2 ways of wearing the strap
7:11 – Overall impressions

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