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If you play your Quest frequently, then carefully packing it away in an Oculus travel case (or similar) can be an inconvenience if you know you’ll just be picking up again the next day. First world problems, right? Well, if you’re anything like me, instead, your Quest is likely left perched on a shelf or sitting on top of a chair, table or sofa with the USB power lead plugged into a wall socket, keeping its battery topped up, ready for your next session.

Sometimes you need some organisation to help clean up this chaos, so being able to have a ‘home’ for your Quest, that’s somewhat easier than piling the headset and its controllers into a case, may be the holy grail to anyone that’s looking to reduce the clutter in their gaming den, office or lounge. The KIWI design S2 VR Stand is aimed at a number of VR headsets, however, I’ll be testing it specifically with the Oculus Quest, but it will also work with the Rift/Rift S/GO/ HTC Vive/Vive Pro and their own respective controllers.

In the box, you’ll find various pieces of the stand, ready to assemble. Depending on what VR headset it will be used for, you will not use all of the pieces in the box. For example, some parts are made for HTC Vive controllers and some are for Oculus Touch controllers. 

Assembly is simply done by slotting each part together, without any need for extra tools. You first insert the pillars into the base plate, then select and slide on the left and right controller’s arms onto each pillar, this is then followed by the headset resting plate and then finally the halo piece of the stand used to rest the rear of the headset inserts onto the top of the pillars.

Once fully built, the KIWI design S2 VR Stand feels pretty solid. Its wide stance does not make it feel like it will tip over with the weight of the headset added to it. Each arm that protrudes out of each side of the stand can hold each Quest Touch controller on them. This also makes it a quick way to tell apart which controller is left and right before you pick them up. The front of the headset then sits on the front resting plate and the back strap slides over the rear halo ring at the rear of the stand.

With my Quest sitting on the S2 VR Stand, it instantly starts to resemble a ‘home’ for it in my office, almost showcasing the headset, however it is just as easy to stow it away on it too. A stand allows you to create a fixed location for your Quest and its controllers clearly positioned on either side. With a power socket and USB-C charging cable close by, it can be easily attached to the headset without the stand getting in the way. It would have been a nice addition if the stand contained a clip on the base to hold the power cable in place.

Even with a VR rear cover and KIWI Design vented faceplate attached, I had no problem placing my Quest around the S2 VR Stand. The stand carries small features, such has the hooks around the controller mount arms that help fix them in a more solid way that doesn’t leave them dangling, whilst they are also in a position that you can easily get your hands around the handles and inside knuckle straps before grabbing onto them.

The KIWI design S2 VR Stand retails for $24.99 on Amazon, which is more than a cheap case that might offer you multi-purpose use, but personally if you’re looking for a proper place to store your Quest at home, then a stand is the way to go, and the S2 VR Stand is a fairly cheap and decent stand to keep your Quest safe and secure and ready for your next gaming session.

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