KIWI Design Upgraded Fitness Facial Interface for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my KIWI Design Fitness Facial Interface for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 Review.

You can buy this interface for $45.99 from Amazon US here → or £45.99 from Amazon UK here → or from KIWI design store directly for $47.99 using coupon code → .

In this video, I check out the Upgraded Fitness Facial Interface for the Quest 2. It piggybacks off the popular VR Cover Fitness Edition, whilst also addressing two common elements of feedback with their first facial interface.


The first is they have included a glasses spacer, for those that require it. The original wasn’t compatible with the stock glasses spacer, so rather than make it fit, they have bundled their own.

The second is an improved light leak nose flap, to help block out light from beneath your nose when wearing the facial interface.

Both upgraded features make this a decent facial interface from KIWI design, however they have made a number of improvements geared towards fitness, or if you generally suffer from fogged up lenses on the Quest 2.

They have added a number of air vent channels to the top and bottom of the facial interface. All help reduce heat and moister from building up inside the headset and reduce the time it takes for them to fog, or halt it completely.

Foam Pads

Two PU leather pads of the same size come bundled with this interface. And for a little extra cost, you get the fitness foam pad. A foam pad that is covered in a wicked breathable fabric, to help absorb sweat and allow you to wash it in the washing machine to keep it hygienic and clean, ready for the next fitness session.

In practice I found the KIWI design fitness interface to be great at blocking out the light underneath my nose. It took a nose wiggle to really see out the corners of the nose piece. This is thanks to the redesigned nose flap, which is wider than the VR Cover alternative, but it wasn’t as deep. What was also contributing to this level of light blocking, was the foam padding around the inside of the nose piece.

No to Big Nose

Sadly my nose kept brushing this part of the foam pad and many times it would take me out of my VR experience. So this alone is something that would not make me keep this interface on my own Quest 2, however, smaller sized noses might not suffer from this issue.

The pressure felt even on both foam pad types, but over time, I felt more pressure on the lower regions when using on an Elite style strap, halo straps might not be as firm in this area.

Fitness Foam Pad

Supplying two PU leather pads didn’t make sense to me, because they were both the same size. It felt better to supply two of the fitness pads so that you could wash one and wear one.

The size of this interface and its materials also interfere with the onboard sound. Sending vibration on your temple regions when the volume is anywhere near the top three bars of volume.

One other factor that limits this interface’s appeal is its price. At $45.99 (more so at their store price of $67.99), with this level of quality, comfort and fit, its price is greatly questionable. With cheaper and better fitting alternatives out there, KIWI design has priced this interface out of what is already a highly competitive market. If you are sensitive to rubber or looking for a washable fabric foam pad, this interface is one of the rare solutions that are out there, just as long as you can swallow its price.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:35 – Unboxing
3:46 – Comparison to VR Cover Fitness Edition
4:32 – Installation
5:41 – Fit
6:35 – Fitness Foam Pad
8:17 – My impressions

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