Kiwi Design RGB Charging Dock for the Quest 2 Review


In this video, I check out the Kiwi Design RGB Charging Dock for the Meta Quest 2.

You can buy this charging station for $89.99 directly from their store ➡️ and for the same price from Amazon US ➡️ Availability in other regions will follow soon.

This is their first charging dock for the meta quest 2 and it charges both the headset and controllers through magnetic attachments and also wireless charging pins on the side of each controller battery cover.

In the box you get a paper instruction manual, a long USB-C to USB-A power cable, a 24W USB-A wall plug, two rechargeable batteries, a right-angled magnetic USB-C adapter, and two replaceable controller battery covers.

Features & Design

The dock has a nice-looking design, with the kind of good build quality you come to expect with other Kiwi design products. On top, there are positions to place and charge the Touch controllers, there is a central charging area for the headset, and near the front, there are three LED status lights to tell you each of their charging statuses.

On very the front of the dock, there are two buttons, one that toggles the RGB light underneath on and off, and one button to toggle between its different lighting modes. Whilst on the back there is one single USB-C input port to power the charging dock.

Controller Charging

To allow each controller to charge on the dock you need to replace your existing controller battery and cover with its own battery and cover, which comes supplied with the dock. You first insert the battery, making sure the battery is positioned with the silver edges facing outwards. Then attach the new controller cover to complete the controller install. The magnetic side on the controller door will match up with the charging pins on each side of the dock to recharge them.

The trigger button sits neatly into the top recess on the dock and the controller leans to one side against the charging pin. It works well, and the controllers are positioned well enough to be picked up easily from the dock. You can continue to use wrist straps on your controllers, but any knuckle strap or grip accessory will not work with it.

Headset Charging

To charge the headset, you just need to insert the elbowed charging adapter into the charging port of the Quest 2. This adapter has a downward-facing magnetic connection, so when you lower the headset onto the dock, this adapter connects to the charging magnet on the dock and the headset begins to charge.

If you have accessories on the headset, you can slide the round spacer on the dock backwards and forwards, so that your headset has space to sit correctly on the dock and for the charging magnet to connect successfully. There are no large recesses or side guides on the dock surface, so you might need to wiggle the headset to make sure the magnet connects and charging begins.

Thankfully, there are three LED status lights at the front that turn red whilst a controller or headset is connected and charging, and they turn green when their charging has completed. It can take up to 2.5 hours to fully charge both headset and the pair of controllers on the dock, meaning your Quest 2 is always ready to go if you keep it on the dock when it’s not being used. There are no additional ports on the back, so you can’t use a spare cable to charge up a battery strap, external power bank, or powered VR accessory.

RGB Lights & Animations

It wouldn’t be a Quest 2 dock without some RGB lighting, and this dock has 17 RGB LEDS that run along the front of the dock. The LED light strip has a variety of lighting modes that can be toggled using the button on the front of the dock.

Each button press swaps between different colours or animations, including a sweeping colour from the sides or from the centre, an alternating glow of alternating colours, static colour, and a specific  breathing colour of light. So between all the available colours and animations, there are plenty here to choose from to suit your desk space.

My Impressions

This Charging Dock for Quest 2 from Kiwi design currently retails for $89.99 directly from the Kiwi design store, and it’s also on sale for the same price with a voucher on Amazon US. And ill leave links to these stores down below to learn more and to buy one.

This price brings this dock in line, if not a little cheaper, than Anker’s own dock, however, there are alternatives that can be had for just less than half this cost. I don’t have the Anker charging dock, but I know the Kiwi would be more versatile with accessories than the Anker. I think it looks better too, with great materials and build quality. It has a softer material on the top surface that might be harder to wipe the dust off, than docks with smoother plastics, but it does make it feel and look more premium than other charging docks.

Its controller charging design will limit its use with any knuckle straps or thick grips. But accessories like halo covers should work fine with it and you can still use wrist straps too. Its minimalistic design makes the controllers sit surprisingly well on the dock and they are angled in a way that makes them easy to pick up and place back for charging.

The headset charging connector has plenty of movement on it and it can also move vertically too, so this makes it work very well with accessories and headsets that are attached to the headset. Plus, if the desk is nudged, the connector is capable of remaining connected, keeping your headset charged.

Overall, if you can stretch to this dock’s asking price, and you don’t intend to use knuckle straps on your controllers, this Kiwi design charging dock is one of the better-charging docks available for the Quest 2.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:19 – Unboxing
0:33 – Features & design
1:08 – Controller battery & cover install
1:55 – Headset adapter install & fit
2:33 – Charging
3:04 – RGB lights & animations
3:40 – My impressions

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