Jayol Silicone Cover, Grips, Headset Cover, Lens Cover Set for Oculus Quest 2 Review

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Enjoy my Jayol Silicone Cover Set review. You can buy this set for $29.99 or £29.99 from Amazon here → https://amzn.to/3bDHadO.

I was first surprised to see Oculus release the Quest 2 in its off-white colour. Black is the common colour for VR headsets. The original Quest came in black, along with the Rift and most other PCVR headsets. If you’re not a fan of the bright white Quest 2, though, I have a silicone cover kit from Jayol that will quickly turn your Quest 2 headset and its touch controllers black, or into a number of other colours that they also support, from blue, light grey and there is also red.

In the kit, you get a silicone cover that attaches over the front and sides of the Quest 2 headset. There are also a pair of fully protective silicone covers for each Touch controller. These also help protect the sensor ring as well as the grips themselves. There is also a silicone cover that you can place over your stock interface. And finally, there is an additional lens cover cap to help protect the lenses on your Quest from scratches whilst it is not being used.

So looking at the silicone cover for the headset first. It’s pretty easy to apply onto the headset, unlike the other silicone cover I reviewed on this channel. This is because the cover attaches itself also around the arms of the Quest 2, which helps keep it attached to your Quest. There is a slight lip on the end of the cover to help it from slipping forward and covering the sensors and port holes, but sadly it doesn’t attach itself all too well, and once you touch your Quest 2 a few times to take it on or off, you will very likely start to see the silicone cover slip forward and cover the sensors. There are some cutouts for heat transfer at the top and bottom, but probably not enough as there should be, and the button locations work well, but once the cover slides forward their placement might be a little off, as well as the alignment of the headphone and power connector holes too.

The Touch Controller covers mirror the same issues as the headset cover. The silicone used is just not rigid enough to feel firm or solid enough on the controller. The ring protector fits well, but if you brush the ring against a surface you might move the cover over the sensors and it might affect your gameplay. The grip has a texture to help airflow around any sweaty palms, and there are cutouts for wrist straps, the trigger, and the grip button. There are no knuckle strap attachments on this cover set, which is also a little disappointing and a missed opportunity as there aren’t many strap covers with protective ring covers on them. 

Finally, there is the silicone cover for the facial interface. This isn’t the best silicone cover I’ve had the opportunity to review, but it’s not bad either. It molds around the stock foam interface well and the silicone is a little firmer than the grip and headset covers in the set, so it holds its shape well. There is a rough leather-like texture to the cover, which might help with grip on your face, and being silicone it can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth should it get sweaty. It has a built-in nose piece to prevent light leakage around the nose area, but most silicone covers provide this, so it’s nothing new here.

Oddly enough, I found that the bundled lens covers probably the better accessory in the whole kit. It fits really well and I like the separate case for each lens piece. These go around the Quest 2 lenses really well, and I prefer these over the wide foam covers you get bundled with other accessories. 

Overall, this is a quick way to turn your Quest 2 into any colour that this silicone set can come in – from black, blue, red and a light grey colour. There is also a white version if you just want to protect the Quest and not colour it in any way. The silicone they have used smells like it is oil-based and not medical grade, like the silicone from VR Cover, so it smells quite a bit when you first put it on. Over time this will go, but it’s not a great smell when you have all this plastic attached to your Quest. 

My main grip with silicone is that it is not only too loose in places, it is also a dust and dirt magnet. It doesn’t take long to show up dust, hair, and crumbs, even in the cleanest of rooms, so bear that in mind if you are considering picking one of these up. Personally, I would go with a more hard shell protector for the headset, some grips I have covered with included knuckle straps, and a facial interface kit with foam pads over a silicone cover.


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