Jayol Alternative Halo Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Review | Two Halo Straps Compared


Enjoy my Jayol Halo Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy this Halo Strap for Oculus Quest 2 for $49.99 from Amazon here → https://amzn.to/3tPfKIe.

So I have already covered Halo Straps for the Quest and Quest 2 on this website and on my channel. I find that they are a great alternative to mounting the Quest 2 on your head. The main difference between more common head straps, like the Elite strap, is that the strap moves the weight of the headset from the front of your face, over to the top of your forehead. This reduces the pressure from your cheekbone area, so you get less Quest-face and some people find that you don’t necessarily need to attach the top velcro strap, so you get less Quest-hair also.

Another advantage for the Halo Strap is that it is much quicker and easier to put on than the Elite strap or any similar head strap for the Quest 2, so you can get in and out of your game super quick and without wasting time on adjustment and fit after you’ve put it on.

At first glance, this Halo Strap from Jayol looks very similar to my other Halo Strap. My first halo strap was one of the early Halo Straps that became available on AliExpress soon after the Quest 2 launch, so it has had a few months worth of revisions between different sellers and this new edition brings a few quality and comfort improvements.

The first is how it attaches to your Quest 2. The buckles on each side are less flimsy, although their actual design hasn’t changed. Inside them, however, there are some new thick rubber pads to add better grip to the Quest 2 to prevent them from sliding along the side rails. You also get a pack of additional pads should these ever wear down over time.

The next improvement is the adjustment dial at the back. This feels a lot better build quality than my earlier model, which used to have a tendency to come looser with lots of movement. This new one feels more solid like it has a better mechanism inside it.

Finally the more obvious change is the padding at the back with an additional lower support bar for the bottom of your head. The early models of this design looked way too flimsy, like it was just foam, but on this particular Halo Strap from Jayol there is some redigity to this piece that does give you some support at the back. Between the two halo straps, with this new rigid piece at the back, I found the fit much more comfortable and the back piece fit a lot better and it would slip up a lot less than my older halo strap used to do. Because of this it used to create odd pressure to my forehead when it did that, and I have not yet experienced this feeling on this model. So this must be to do with this better back piece.

Now there are a lot of halo straps out there that look like this but might still be selling with the softer lower piece. So I would be careful who you buy it from, as I can only say this one from Jayol has the much firmer back piece. The PU leather foam padding material is pretty much identical. So that makes them easy to wipe down, should the front and back pieces get a little sweaty.

The Jayol Halo Strap retails for $49.99 from Amazon, which is similar to the official Elite Strap from Oculus. It can be had for a few dollars cheaper in sales or with applied coupons but it still costs more than the many alternative elite strap designs for the Quest 2. Personally, I still prefer my Oculus Elite Strap to my original Halo strap, it hasn’t broken on me, but with this new halo strap, I am back on the fence again between this and the Elite strap.

The one downside of using any Halo Strap is if you use over-ear headphones. The strap is much wider and it will force the ear cups of the headphones further away from your ears, making them hover and reduce the overall sound quality you get from them. I did recently mod the mounts of the AMVR clip-on headphones I reviewed, so they work with the Halo and it sounds and looks pretty good. So make sure you subscribe and look out for my video on this channel about this mod very soon.

Personally, I prefer using the Halo Strap over any third party elite strap designs, right now, so if you want an alternative strap that reduces the pressure on your face, that’s comfortable, quick and easy to put on, then I would check out this halo strap from Jayol.


0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Halo strap advantages
1:22 – Comparison to earlier Halo Straps
4:12 – Overall impressions

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