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Enjoy my BOBOVR F2 AAC Interface Review. You can buy the BOBOVR F2 for $35.99 or £35.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here →


So if you use your Quest 2 for fitness, or perhaps you have a tight enough seal around your headset, this can cause moisture to build upon your glass lenses.

This is always a pain when this occurs during a VR session and you have to stop playing, take the headset off, clean the lenses, and put the headset back on, possibly for you to pull it back off again in a matter of minutes.

This new accessory from Bobo VR removes the need to take the headset off to remove any fogging inside your headset, by simply attaching its own facial interface and battery-powered fan onto your Quest 2 headset.


Installation is super simple, you first remove your existing facial interface from the Quest 2 and attach the replacement facial interface from BoboVR, then with the foam pad applied onto the facial interface, you then attach the fan component onto the top of your headset, making sure it’s two exhaust ports are fully inserted into the top holes of the facial interface. 

Once all this is attached you can fire up your Quest and start playing, then once you encounter your lenses fogging up, you can flick the switch that’s on the side of the device to turn on the fans. Once it’s running the fans inside the device will spin up and extract the hot moist air from the inside the headset that is causing moisture to form on your lenses. 

Features & Function

The device has two fan speeds, and the sound emitted from the fans once it’s turned on is fairly quiet. It can’t be heard over the noise of your headset speakers. But during quiet periods you might hear a small whirling from the fans spinning around inside. 

The amount of air this device extracts varies on which of the two speeds you have selected. The lowest setting is obviously the quietest, but it will be slower at defogging the lenses. Whilst the highest setting will add a higher noise level and extract more hot air out of your Quest headset much faster. So if you suffer from fogging regularly you might want to have the fan set to low, so it maintains a constant temperature inside the headset to prevent fogging from forming, and switch to the higher setting should it build up too quickly. Or play with the fan off and go full max speed to reduce it in one go.

The rechargeable battery inside will last up to 3-5 hours, and the headset can help power the device should you need it too, or you can recharge it via the USB port that’s located on the left side of the device. 

My Impressions

Personally, I don’t suffer from fogging, even with a nose flap interface, I have never suffered from fogging on my Quest 2. To test the BOBOVR F2 I had to quickly breathe onto my lenses before putting on the headset. Switching on this accessory did definitely help with removing fogging from the lenses. So I can see if you suffer from fogging, that even with the lowest setting, it might help regulate the heat and moisture from inside your headset to prevent any fog from occurring. 

Unfortunately, I had a major issue with my facial interface that is unavoidable if you wish to connect the fan device to the headset. The clips on my review unit near the nose piece weren’t fitting perfectly, so the whole interface would never be able to clip in securely. This resulted in some light leaking in at the bottom of the headset. 

I am not a fan of the nose piece design either. The rounded foldovers messed with my nose and I found this design was the most uncomfortable nose piece I’d have installed on my Quest 2 from all the other facial interfaces with installed silicone nose pieces.

But if you really suffer from fogging in your Quest 2, then this is probably an accessory that’s worth checking out. But with all the issues I encountered and that I don’t suffer from fogging, then for me, I will be giving this accessory a miss.


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3:07 – My impressions

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