How to Protect Your Oculus Quest 2 Lenses & Reduce Blue Light | VR Cover Lens Protectors Review

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Enjoy my VR Cover Lens Protectors Review. You can buy these lenses directly from VR Cover for $19 →

VR Cover has released another new product in a new category for protecting the lenses on your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

In the box, you get the lens protectors, and there is a small cleaning cloth that you will want to use to clean the lenses on your Quest 2 before applying the lenses onto each of them.

Installation is super simple. These lens protectors simply slot over the top of the Quest 2 lenses. They don’t clip on as the AMVR protectors do, but the fit is very tight and you will not see them coming off any time soon, as they need a bit of a pull to take them off.

When attached, they reduce the distance from your eyeballs (or glasses) by just over half a centimeter. So bear that in mind if you are using a thin facial interface pad, or wear glasses, as it is likely you will have to adjust your head strap to compensate for this, or apply a thicker foam pad to maintain any distance to the lenses.

The lenses have a rubber casing around them, so your glasses are protected should they make any content with them. The same goes for the lenses, these will protect the Quest 2 lenses underneath from any scraps from any glasses wearers inside your headset.

When they are attached, they don’t have any colour tinting on them as part of the blue light filter. So colour is maintained throughout with them attached. Blue light filtering helps reduce eye fatigue and eye strain over long periods, or for anyone that might be more sensitive to blue light from the Quest 2 display screen.

Overall, they are a cheap way to protect your Quest 2 lenses if you share your headset with other glass wearers, or if you are a glasses wearer yourself and prefer not to use the spacer to protect them. They are a good way to help reduce eye fatigue also, so if you suffer from either of these, then check these out.


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5:34 – Overall impressions

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