Great VR Fitness Accessory For Quest 2 | KIWI Design VR Dumbbell Review


Enjoy my KIWI Design VR Dumbbell For Oculus Quest 2 Review.

You can buy them for $61.99 (or $43.39 with their 30% OFF code) from KIWI design Store directly here →


In this video, I check out these great new VR Dumbbell accessories for the Quest 2. They simply add up to 150grams of extra weight in each Touch Controller. Combined with my controller, AMVR Strap and internal battery, each of my controllers weighed a total of 360grams – that’s the weight of a Glock 44 pistol with an empty magazine.

For fitness, this added weight adds a level of extra resistance to your movements in VR fitness games. So if you’ve put on the pounds over the festive holiday period and you’re keen to drop some weight to get your beach body ready this summer, then these will certainly help with that.

I found the 150grams gave a significant amount of added weight to each controller, more than enough to really move harder in games like Beat Saber, Pistol Whip as well as the expected fitness games like Fit XR and boxing titles like Thrill of the Fight.

The weight also adds some immersion in pistol shooting games also. Whether you’re wielding a single pistol, the weight adds some realism to the feel of the weapon in the game, also dual-wielding weapons benefited from both weights in the controllers. However, as soon as you let go to open doors, or knock back the reload lever, the weight still carries in your hand.

I also found some tracking issues with rifle games when holding the controllers behind one another. The dome would block the sensor ring of the controller furthest away from you, and with that, you would lose track of them. But I found it was only a few times this happened and it wasn’t an amount that would stop me from using them completely for this purpose.

The plastic discs are only to pack out the metal discs, should you wish to reduce the weight. I would have liked to see some more incremental weights instead here, and for the insane beefcakes out there, maybe some heavier weight options too.

The way the dome fixes onto the sensor rings prevents you from using any Halo protectors, and if you use any grips, this would also stop them from being used too – including KIWI’s own grips.

My Impressions

So I find these accessories are ideal for anyone wishing to use their Quest 2 mainly for fitness regimes. Taking the VR Dumbbells on and off isn’t a lengthy process, and the accompanying bag helps to store and keep the pieces all together, but the room left inside the controller can feel too restrictive to keep them on permanently – plus you use the ability to use most grip straps – unless you use the AMVR grip/straps as I have in this video.

If you’re looking for a way to level up your fitness difficulty in a more physical sense, then I would definitely consider picking up these VR Dumbbells. Its high price tag is certainly focused on the fitness VR enthusiast and for that reason, if you leave more towards the casual side of VR fitness I think a pair of arm and leg weights will achieve a similar result.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:44 – Unboxing
2:40 – Installation
5:40 – Overall impressions

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