Gladiatus – AppLab Arena Arcade Shooter for Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay

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Enjoy my first look at Gladiatus on Oculus Quest 2. You can buy this games for £7.99 from AppLab area of the Oculus Store via this link here →

In this video I look through the tutorial and the normal mode area of the game which features throughout the core of the game, albeit will various difficulties. There are online leaderboards to extend the game’s gameplay, however I would have liked to see more balance in the game and some new maps.

Perhaps the game could have taken a timeline approach, as you build up through the ranks of being a zombie destroying gladiator, starting off with miner pistols and small melee items and build your arsenal and discover new arenas as zombie classes as you go.

I didn’t like the buying panel, I felt it could be handled in a much better way. Being able to see all available items on offer at once is crucial when you have zombies breathing down your neck. Removing the button interface and allowing you to point at items to buy would make the whole experience more seamless and much faster, when the heat is on!

The visuals and voice work is great though, and it had a Crisis VRigade feel to its overall look. The clowns are scary and most of the other zombies, bit when the waves ramped up I found myself out of my depth and in need of weapon updates, which I didn’t really get. So some balancing is still needed here I feel, where drops freely appear at the right times to create flow and create more fun in your first journey.

But for £7.99 or around $12 it is a fun title for the Quest 2 that is worth checking out. I hope its developer takes on the feedback and keeps improving the game. I really wanted to remove the music and there were issues with picking up things or pulling out my weapon at times, so with a little extra polish, Gladiatus could be an official store contender.


0:00 – Intro
1: 02 – Tutorial Wave 1
7:40 – Tutorial Wave 2
10:25 – Tutorial Wave 3
12:20 – Tutorial Wave 4
14:21 – Normal Mode

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