Free Oculus Quest 2 Silicone Cover Review & Alternatives For Skin Irritation in VR


Enjoy my look at the free official Oculus Quest 2 silicone covers and a quick look at the VR Cover facial interface as a great alternative to reducing/removing skin irritation in VR on Quest 2. You can buy the VR Cover Facial Interface Kit for $29 directly here → .

In this video, I check out the free silicone covers you can have sent to you from Oculus for claiming skin irritation with the Oculus Quest 2. Since the recall of the 64GB Quest 2 and 256GB Quest 2 for its foam interface causing skin irritation, anyone can claim a free silicone cover that you see in this video.

If you previously bought an official Oculus Fit Pack, you can claim a silicone cover for its narrow and wide facial interfaces also.

These covers are probably better than some paid silicone covers on the market today. The only issue I had with them is they do not include a nose piece to reduce light leaking through under your nose. These small bits of rubber are great for adding immersion in VR, it blocks out more light in your headset, and it enhances the feeling you get in VR.

I love how these silicone covers wrap around the interface of the Quest 2, which is something other makers could take note of and apply with theirs. The silicone makes it easier to wipe the sweat away after a heavy fitness session or an intense bout of gaming.

Alternatives are out there also. So in this video, I show a recent facial interface that VR Cover sent to me after I spoke with them on how my original covers never clicked in well enough.

Their newer line of interfaces is much better at this. They really do clip in well now, thanks to any revisions they may have made as well as improved materials with their newly released versions.

The blue version you see and you can get the blue interface with a pair of black, white, or blue foam PU leather pads. The blue matches the blue interface really nicely – if you’re a fan of blue. Other colours are available and you can hit the link above to find out more and to buy yourself one.

There are also alternatives from Kiwi Design and AMVR, BOBOVR also has their F8 fan-assisted facial interface that also removes fog. If you’re interested in these you can check out my review of them on my channel.


0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Brief overview
1:01 – Free Quest 2 Silicone Cover
2:13 – How to install Silicone Cover
3:58 – Fit & function
4:49 – Narrow & Wide Fit Pack Silicone Covers
6:48 – Paid alternatives – VR Cover Facial Interface Kit

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