Equinox In-Ear Headphones For Oculus Quest Review

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For the majority of the time, you can easily get by using the Oculus Quest’s built-in audio capabilities. But if it’s noisy around you, or you just want to be totally immersed with what you’re playing, you will want to wear a pair of headphones or earbuds. There are already a number of dedicated earbuds already available for the Oculus Quest, but that hasn’t stopped other manufacturers from releasing more of them to widen the choice of earbuds for you to consider.

One of the biggest factors in making a decision of which Oculus Quest earbuds to buy, is the price of them. Competition also helps makers lower their prices to keep them competitive. The Equinox In-Ear Headphones for Oculus Quest by VRej SOUNDS is the cheapest on Amazon UK, at this time of writing. For £16.99 or $34.79 US on Amazon, you get a well-built and feature-packed pair of earbuds that compete just as well as its peers.

Arriving in a clear wrapped packet, the pair of earbuds themselves come packaged in a BMTick tan leather carry bag, along with two pairs of small and large-sized ear caps inside, to accompany the medium-sized pair that are already fitted onto each earbud. A microfiber cleaning cloth and an ‘ultra velvet’ cleaning cloth is also bundled in the packaging — an odd but welcome addition to help polish your Quest lenses rather than clean your earbuds. 

This was the first set of earbuds we’ve reviewed that came with a carry pouch. This is a small yet nice addition for any earbuds that allow you to keep both sets of earbuds together when not in use. This small offering is important to me because, with a short cable length that these earbuds have, they can get misplaced fairly easily.

Out of all the earbuds we’ve reviewed so far, the Equinox measures a little shorter than the 16cm Spectrashell OQ9 at 15cm, and they are a lot shorter than the 33cm long earbuds from Kiwi Design. Their length is still enough to reach my ears, however, I did have to rotate the connecting 3.5mm elbow joint to point towards my ears to allow the full amount of cable to comfortably and loosely reach my ears. 

The L and R labels are discreetly written on the elbow stems of each earphone. Unfortunately, this makes it not so easy to see each time, and with both earphones looking near-identical, I always found myself checking them every time to see whether I was inserting the correct side of earphone into the correct audio ports on the Quest.

With the correct size ear cap fixed on to each earbud, for the best seel in my ear-canal, I plugged them in and inserted each earbud into my ears and booted up a few games on the Quest to test their audio performance. I certainly impressed with the sound of the Equinox earbuds.

Being earbuds, rather than earphones, these earbuds go directly inside the ear canal, this allows for better sound deadening and it helps improves the overall bass response. Correct pairing of ear caps is crucial to get the best seel in your ears and the best long-term comfort. Incorrectly chosen caps and insertion can lead to reduced bass response and general discomfort.

On first-impressions the Equinox carried a little extra bass over the Spectrashell OQ9 and Kiwi Design in-ear headphones. This is likely to be due to the potential bigger drivers that are inside the more chunkier silver and black casing. The treble and mid-tones sound just as good if not identical to the other earbuds we have tested.

So in summary, when it comes to comparing which earbuds to buy, between all the three sets we’ve reviewed, it is only the price and cable length that really sets these three apart. The Equinox earbuds may have the shortest cable, but they have a good enough length to not interfere with your gaming, whilst the supplied ear caps provide a good seal and the slightly enhanced bass on them make for better immersion in games that utilise it and the added bonus of the carry pouch makes it even more appealing.

Even though their presentation may not be the best, the proof is in the listening, and the Equinox sound just great. Add the addition of the carry pouch and the low price into the mix, if you’re looking to replace your tangled smartphone earbuds on your Quest, then I would recommend you put the Equinox in-ear headphones for the Oculus Quest on your shortlist.

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