Elygo / Esimen VR Gun Covers for Oculus Quest 2 – Install and First impressions review


Enjoy our Elygo / Esimen VR Gun Covers for Oculus Quest 2 Install and First impressions review. You can buy the Elygo / Esimen Gun Covers from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

In this video, we take a look at the Elygo VR Gun Covers for Oculus Quest 2. These are replica gun covers that go over your Touch Controllers for your Quest 2 to make it looks like you are holding pistols instead of VR controllers.

They come in two colours, black and Quest 2 white, however, although it may not be that realistic, I think the all colour white option to match the Quest 2 colour looks the best.

Installation is very simple, this accessory comes in three parts. The grip handle part that the Touch Controller inserts into, then the muzzle part slides on and clips into place, and finally, the hammer part of the pistol slides down onto the muzzle part to lock the controller into place so that it doesn’t fall out.

Its installation can be completed in seconds and taking it apart is just as easy. You don’t have to take the whole thing apart either. Just slide up the hammer section that holds the controller in place and you can slide the controller out for games that don’t feature weapons in them – because that would look weird, right?

This is a novelty accessory really. It adds no real improvement, advantage, or comfort to your Quest 2 or its controllers. And because you can’t see them once you have your headset on, it is purely for people watching you in real-life, either at a show or in streams or in videos of you playing.

I would have liked to see some refinements to the plastic molding as it had some marks where it was injection molded. Small rubber bungs to block up the screw holes, a more recessed barrel would be nice or at least coloured black, and most important of all would be some additional weights that you could insert into the muzzle to add front weight to them, to make them feel more like pistols.

If you are up for looking like you’re on a shooting spree when playing VR then you can buy the Elygo / Esimen Gun Covers from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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