Customise your Oculus Quest with Slickwraps – Our Review

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Whether you’re covering your smartphone with a case, to covering your laptop with stickers, we all desire to make what can be a bland or generic piece of technology our own by adding a little touch of personalisation.

Slickwraps have usually been my go-to for personalizing my tech. Their designs look like they’ve had more thought and design behind them and the quality of their wraps are very good too. From wrapping Apple AirPods to covering the top of my Apple MacBook Pro, their adhesive transfers have been a great way to customize the look of my tech and make it look more unique and personable. It not only changes the look of your hardware either; they are also helpful in protecting the tech it’s stuck on from any surface scratches or very light knocks.

After a few months into owning the Quest, I thought it was due time to reach out to Slickwraps who has been one of the first to create skins for the Oculus Quest headset and its controllers. Browsing their online store wields a wealth of funky and premium looking skins, and if you time your purchase with any of their frequent 70% off sales periods, you can grab them at a decent discount price too.

The Orange Camo skin sheet for the Oculus Quest headset, ready to start

The wraps are sent fairly quickly in the post, with standard delivery to the UK from the USA taking just over a week. They come in a flat hard-backed envelope to prevent them from being folded and the size fits perfectly through the letterbox.

On the first bundled sheet you get the wrap for the Oculus Quest headset and a second sheet that contains wraps for each Oculus Touch controller’s grip handle and also one that goes around each Touch controller’s face buttons. Simply peel them off the sheet and apply them to the pre-cleaned surface of the Quest headset or Touch controller.

This all sounds very simple, however, the application process can be hit and miss, mostly depending on your level of patience and how and where you start applying the wrap. The first issue is aligning the wrap to the various key parts of the headset and controllers. If you don’t get this aligned correctly the first time, the rest of the job will not only look right, you’ll likely have to start over again. Luckily, the plastic wrap adhesive is sticky enough to allow for reapplication, but you only have a few retries before the wrap can begin to stretch and warp, crease or split.

Tip: Align the activity light at the top of the headset first, and use a hot hairdryer

With a few wraps supplied I was able to perfect the application process with my second attempt. A good tip for applying wraps on the Oculus Quest is that I found the best results were to keep the wrap on the sheet and only allow enough for what you need first. Using the Orange Camo skin for Oculus Quest, I first started at the top of the headset, aligning the wrap to the very small active light that’s on the front of the headset. With this first aligned I knew the rest ‘should’ align correctly around the USB-C port, power, and charging light display – just as long as you started with the wrap on straight.

This approach worked for a little while but I soon ran into issues with the surrounding curved edges of the headset. Applying the wrap cold is certainly not the way to do this. It is recommended that you use a hot blowing hairdryer to heat up the plastic wrap in order to successfully ‘mould’ the wrap around such difficult curved areas.

Being very patient would be my main advice. Do not rush it, you only have one skin in the pack (unless you bought more), and there are not many attempts to undo or retry the application of the wrap. After a few retries in certain areas I was able, with the aid of heating the wrap, to complete the headset skin without too many creases or wrinkles around the edges – from afar it looks great!

The Oculus Quest with Slickwraps Orange Camo skin finished

The application of the Touch controller wraps is much easier to complete successfully without too many complications. The button area skin is small enough and it has a few holes in them to easily guide you into aligning them up correctly. The battery cover skin portion of the skin is a little trickier to apply, mainly due to its curves, but by lining up the top portion and using a hairdryer to mould the wrap around the bottom curves I was able to apply the grip wrap without many creases. Any creases at the bottom can also be hidden if you use a Mamut grip or similar Touch controller cover. 

Once complete, the end result is very pleasing and well worth the little effort to apply each wrap. Slickwraps has a good number of great looking wraps for the Oculus Quest and each can be seen applied to the device on their website, so you can get a pretty accurate idea of how well it will look – when applied correctly that is.

The Quest Touch controllers with the Orange Camo skin applied

Removal of the adhesive wrap is really easy and the transfer wraps do not leave any sticky residue afterwards. This is great if you are using the wrap to protect the headset and wish to sell it on afterwards, or if you simply get bored and want to order a different colour or design.

For $22.95 ($8.03 with 70% discount) the cost to customize your headset is quite reasonable, considering how well it is cut and the overall quality of the wrap. It’s just the difficulty in its application that prevents me from highly recommending them to everyone. I would have maybe preferred a wrap that didn’t fully go around the edges of the headset if it made its application much easier. I would have also liked to see different colour Touch controller wrap sets, such as red and blue, for that Nintendo Switch or Beat Saber vibe.

If you think you have the patience and skill to easily apply a Slickwraps skin onto your Quest, then I would encourage you to give it a go. It makes your Oculus Quest become more individual to you and it helps protect its plastic exterior whilst it is being travelled around, thrown into bags or backpacks. For the best result, just take care, don’t rush and don’t be scared to try again early on in its application.

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