Cubism Oculus Quest Review

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The exciting thing about puzzle games in VR is that you can revisit classic puzzle mechanics and reinvent them in VR. Thanks to a more intimate viewpoint it makes old mechanics feel fresh and new. 

Cubism is one such game that is no different. The game would be too simple in 2D and it would easily be a throwaway game, however, with its VR approach, you have a game that brings both depth as-well-as a mental challenge to what is a fairly simple game mechanic. 

The game consists of 10 stages that feature 6 puzzles in each. As you unlock each stage, so does the difficulty of puzzles contained within them. The first stage eases you in with 2 easy and 4 normal puzzles. Later stages will eventually contain more hard and very little to no easy puzzles. 

Each puzzle forms a 3D outline shaped void that you must fill up using the solid shaped pieces that float around it. At first, it can feel like playing Teris, as each piece looks familiar to the arcade classic puzzle game, but soon these pieces become more abstract in their structure, working hand-in-hand with the puzzle’s harder difficulty levels. 

Early stages are a breeze to play through. Each one plays well enough to ease you into the game’s rather simple (yet intuitive) puzzle mechanic. Its early public release on SideQuest has certainly helped refine each puzzle in the game and it has made the early part of the game enjoyable and addicting. As later stages unlock, things get a little more challenging for the brain, as puzzles grow in complexity and volume, requiring more pieces to fill them and more attempts to solve them.

This here where some of us gamers will give up. But the simplistic nature of the game and its soothing plinky-plonk piano music help you build a level of confidence to stay in the game for that one more attempt at solving it. Once each puzzle piece starts to fit correctly into the void, the sense of achievement builds until pure joy develops through you and you become proud that you stuck at it. 

Cubism’s visual style is simple, almost childlike,  yet it doesn’t have to be any more than that. Developers seeking to add depth can over complicate it with extra modes and copycat neon and firework effects. Its style is just right and it doesn’t need to be any different. If you wish to change the visuals there is a dark mode, which is a welcome addition, as it does make it easier on the eyes when playing for a long period of time in VR. 

Once the 60 puzzles are complete, I couldn’t see myself returning to the game, unless additional puzzles appear with future updates. But for the cost of £7.99, the number of hours I had put into it, it had certainly given back my money’s worth out of the game. 

If you like your puzzle games simple yet challenging for your noggin, Cubism is a recommended puzzle game on the Quest that will easily lose many hours of your time, and without losing a single piece of the puzzle. 

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