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In this video, I check out the ZyberVR Charging Dock. You can buy this dock for €39.20 from their own online store using my coupon code OQPLAY ➡️ , $50.60 from Amazon US with a coupon ➡️, and £58.99 from Amazon UK with a voucher ➡️, and it will also be on Amazon DE soon ➡️

If you’re looking for an accessory to stow and charge your Quest 2 headset and its controllers, this charging dock achieves this in a sleek design, with LED status lighting, drop-in charging for each controller, and a magnetic connector that helps charge your Quest 2 without the need to insert a power cable each time.

In the box you get a paper instruction manual, there is the charging dock itself, a USB-A to C charging cable for external devices or battery straps, a pair of battery covers, two rechargeable batteries, four magnetic USB-C adapters, and a USB-C wall adapter.

Features & Design

Looking over the main charging dock. It measures 35cm wide, around 7.5cm high, and 8.5cm deep. So as vr headset and controller docks go, it has a fairly compact footprint, but you will need extra space behind the dock for your headset and any head strap it is attached to.

There is a frosted plastic cradle plate to help position the headset correctly when it is placed into the charging dock. An LED light underneath the plate lights up the underside of the headset blue whilst it is charging and green when it’s fully charged. 

On either side of the headset plate, there is a recessed area that each controller fits into and charges from. Alongside these are 3 blue and green LED charging status lights for each controller. On the front, there is a small button to turn these LED lights on and off, and on the back, there are two USB ports. One USB-C input port to power the dock, and one USB-A output port for charging external devices or head strap batteries.


Assembly is easy. You just plug in the USB-C end of the charging adapter into the rear of the dock and plug the adapter into a nearby wall socket. The 1.2m long charging cable is just enough to reach down from a desktop, shelf or tabletop surface.

Although you get four USB-C magnetic adapters, you only need one to insert into the Quest 2 charging port. Once in place, you just drop the headset onto the plate and the magnetic charging arm on the dock will magnetise to it and send power to the headset.


To charge the controllers you need to replace their batteries and battery cover with ones supplied with the dock. Each battery needs to be inserted correctly and the doors have two contact points which align with the two small charging pins on the dock.

Each controller is placed with the fair side of the controller facing down, so unfortunately this makes this dock incompatible with any knuckle straps you may have installed on them. The space around the controller is limited too, so it won’t work with any grips either. Wrist straps and halo sensor ring covers will work just fine though.

The dock’s LED lights illuminate blue whilst both headset and controllers charge on the dock and turn green when each is fully charged, and there’s no separate status for anything connected to the rear USB-A port.

My Impressions

This Charging Dock for the Meta Quest 2 from ZyberVR currently retails for using my coupon code OQPLAY, $50.60 from Amazon US with a coupon, and £58.99 from Amazon UK with a voucher, and it will also be on Amazon DE soon. And I’ll leave links to each of these stores in the description below to learn more about this dock and buy yourself one.

This dock has definitely improved on the earlier charging dock of theirs, which I looked at back in July this year. It is a much better design and this dock has the addition of charging the controllers and the headset.

It’s unfortunate that this doesn’t support knuckle straps. It is always tricky to achieve this as there isn’t an official knuckle strap, so the dock would have to support either its own or other third-party straps. This isn’t a problem if you don’t have knuckle straps or grips, but I like to think if you’re considering a dock like this, you’ll likely have some accessories already on your headset or controllers. Only AMVR has done this right with their Controller Charging Dock, and Upgraded Charging Dock which also comes with its own knuckle straps.

The external charging port at the back is also handy for additional accessories, or for charging battery straps as you see here with the Kiwi battery and audio strap combo. 

Overall this is one of the better charging docks that you can get for the Quest 2, and thanks to its price, it doesn’t break the bank either. If you want a complete charging solution for your Quest 2 headset and controllers and you don’t have or intend to use any grips or knuckle straps, then I would add this dock to your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:29 – Unboxing
0:46 – Features & Design
1:48 – Installation
2:56 – Charging
3:07 – My impressions

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