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Enjoy my Premium Deluxe Audio Strap review. You can buy this Deluxe Audio Strap for $62.99 from BestorX directly here → Now upgraded!

So I’ve covered a few Halo Strap alternatives now on my channel, and today I have the Premium Deluxe Audio Strap from Bestor-X. It has a similar design that can be found on other Halo Straps, yet it also features a pair of attached headphones on each side of the head strap.

In the box, you get the Halo Strap itself. It comes press assembled with the headphones already attached to it, along with its attached audio cable, ready to be plugged into your Quest 2’s headphone port.

On paper, this strap has everything that I am looking for on a head strap for the Quest 2. It has the comfy Halo Strap form-factor that makes it easy to put your Quest 2 on and off, and it has a built-in audio solution that would bring better audio without the need to separately wear headphones or earbuds. So with all this, I was super keen to check out this head strap.

Installation, Fit & Features

To install the head strap onto the Quest 2, it attaches in a similar way as other Halo Straps, where you simply slide each side bracket on the side rails of the headset. There is no top strap to attach on this head strap, so you just have to plug in the 3.5mm audio jack into the Quest 2 headphone port and feed the cable either around the top of the Quest 2 headset, using either the provided adhesive clips or I found a much neater way is to pass the cable between the velcro of your facial interface if you have a VR Cover or similar.

Wearing the strap is very similar to other Halo Strap. There is a padded forehead bar at the front. The front padding is quite narrow at the sides, yet it is thicker in the middle where you want it the most. The soft pad is made of a fabric material, which has a nice feel to it. But because of its fabric material, it will easily absorb sweat, so I wouldn’t recommend this head strap for fitness unless you plan on washing this pad after a few sessions.

The rear pad mirrors the front in material and thickness, however, the padded area is a bit too narrow, that the padding and surface area really limits the overall support you get from the back piece of the strap. The overall plastic used on the strap is a little thinner than most other halo straps, and because of this the whole Headstrap feels less rigid than others, and it generally doesn’t feel as premium as its name suggests.

The main part that lets it down is the back section of the strap. Its dial adjustment section of the strap is smaller, so not only does it expose more of the thin plastic arms that makes it less rigid, but it also means the arms aren’t as long inside so the rear strap didn’t expand that far backwards for larger heads. Even for my medium-sized head, I was on the limit of how far this strap could be adjusted to. So if you have a large head I would bear this limitation of head strap size in mind.

Comparing the strap to the other Halo Straps I reviewed on this channel, I would say it feels less supportive, because of the thinner forehead and rear padded supports. Its adjustment dial quality at the back is ok and it’s easy to adjust, it didn’t slip or get any looser with any fast movement.

Audio Headphones

So on to the audio side of this BestorX strap: Its padded headphones are permanently screwed into the sides of the strap. You can rotate them forward to back, as well as up and down. They are spring-hinged at the point where it connects to the head strap, and this helps to keep the headphone pads pushed onto your ears. They do not hold their position outwards, so they will always make contact with your ears unless you rotate them back and away from your ears. There is some further vertical rotation of the ear cup itself, but for me, I couldn’t quite get the headphone ear cups to sit square onto my ears. I get the feeling that they were angled away from my ears and some of the audio quality is lost because of this. You can’t alter the position of the mount for the headphones to get a better angle for the ear cups, and I think a ball-mounted connection like the AMVR headphones I reviewed would have been better here.

I like the spring mechanism of the headphones, which keeps some small force from the earpads onto my ears and improve the overall sound, but this tilted angle on my ears did make it lose some of its audio performance. If I held the earphones closer onto my ears I could get deeper bass and much better performance out of them. This may not have worked for me, but someone else the earpads might sit on your ears perfectly.

The audio quality of the headphones is very good, with great levels of bass and warm mids and highs. I would say is very close to the audio quality of the AMVR clip-on headphones. But just like the AMVR headphones, its overall sound quality will vary on how much you can get the earpads angled and directly pressed onto your ears. You also have to have the volume set to high or at the maximum level to truly get the best out of them, so that will affect a little on the Quest 2’s battery life when it’s powering the drivers on these headphones.

Overall Impressions

The Bestor-X Premium Deluxe Audio Strap for the Oculus Quest 2 retails for $62.99 directly from Amazon.

I would have preferred a white audio cable to make it blend in more with the Quest 2, maybe make the daisy chain part 1-inch longer also so you can fit it around the interface or forehead bar more easily. I would replace the soft fabric pads with PU Leather pads to make them ideal for wiping and for fitness use.

I’d like to see the rear pad become wider to accommodate longer adjustable straps and to fit a wider thicker rear pad that would improve the support at the back – similar to the BoboVR M2. I found the forehead pad a little odd to wear than on other Halo Straps. In that, it feels like it sits more on the top of your forehead than directly on it.

I would have liked the headphones to lock/hold outwards, because of the way they angle inwards they can get in the way when putting the head strap on. I’d like an even tougher spring on the headphones to really get them pushed onto your ears, and make the ear pads pivot horizontally also to maximise their fit and position on your ears.

It’s a great sounding head strap though, but it’s sadly let down by its limited adjustment, both with the size of its rear strap and its headphone adjustment. It definitely has ‘premium deluxe audio’, but as for the strap, the overall build quality and comfort could be a little better to truly match its ‘premium’ branding. For the price though, at half the cost of an HTC VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap, it’s a decent cheap alternative to the DAS, but there are even cheaper, more comfortable and adjustable straps out there, yet these do not come with a decent set of headphones like these.

So if you are looking for a Halo Strap, it’s a choice between sticking with this strap with its great build-in headphones or going with a combination of something like the BOBOVR M2 head strap and a pair of overhead headphones. The BOBOVR M2 has better support and comfort, but the convenience of an all-in-one solution of having headphones attached to the strap on this Premium Deluxe Audio Strap from BestorX does make it a strap worth considering.


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