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In this video, I look at a new hard carrying case for the Quest 2 from Syntech. It’s $20 cheaper than the Official Meta Quest 2 Carry Case, and it’s better in more ways than its price.

You can buy the case for:
$29.99 Amazon US →
£29.99 Amazon UK →
€28.99 Amazon DE →

This hard carry case features similar characteristics as the official carry case from Oculus. Its overall size and shape are very similar, however, the Syntech case is a little less rounded in places, with a flat top lid that’s slightly recessed in the middle and there is a black and white Synctech logo on one side.

The grey woven fabric covering of this case feels a lot more hard-wearing and durable than the official case. Its dual zippers feel a lot more reliable and chunky, with easy-to-pull rubber tabs and the zip itself features a sealed plastic fabric that will help keep any outside moister or water from entering into the inside of the case.

Swen into the zipper lining is a single fabric strap of equal length to the official case’s strap, however, it is orientated 90-degrees to how the official case carry handle is positioned. So this might rotate the carry case differently from how the official case is carried. It’s strong enough in its material and it feels like it will stay firmly attached to the case whilst carrying the Quest 2 and its controllers inside.

Opening the carry case reveals a matched level of quality to its exterior, with soft microfiber lining the top and bottom of the case. On the inside lid, there are two padded foam sections to keep both the headset and Touch controllers securely in place without allowing them to have any extra unnecessary movement once the case is closed.

The bottom of the case features similar compartments to the official case. At the top, there is a small fabric-divided compartment to stow power cables and charging bricks for the Quest 2. It’s a little too small for Oculus Link cables, but it could easily stow batteries for the controllers and other small accessories, such as these prescription lenses from VR Rock.

In the middle of the case is a permanently stuck-down compartment with two rounded fabric padded walls that contain the two Touch controllers. My Quest 2 controllers with AMVR grips and ProTubeVR ProStraps fit just fine inside this space. The stock Kiwi grips with and without battery doors should fit also, as should other grips too, just as long as you can stack them together as I have done here. I found they fit just as well in two ways just fine, so just as long as you don’t have any bulky or long grips, controllers with grips should fit in this case’s controller compartment.

This case supports the default soft strap, the Elite head strap, and the Elite strap with battery. Fitting any kind of third-party head strap will depend on its overall size and height. It won’t fit any halo-style of head straps, but I tried with a number of Elite straps and found most of them fit, with the exception of the Kiwi design head strap, which required its rear pad to be removed in order to close the case. The battery strap from Aubika, and the counterbalance strap Silokey fit just fine without any adjustments and this was all with a VR Cover Fitness facial interface and a thick foam pad attached to my Quest 2 headset too.

The Syntech Hard Carrying Case for the Quest 2 currently retails for $29.99 in the US and £29.99 in the UK, and €28.99 in Germany, and you can check out my links in the description below to learn more about this case and to buy one.

At around $20 cheaper, this case offers everything that the official case offers, without sacrificing too much on materials and quality. You’ll appreciate the better zip on this case, and the fabric compartment is a little more forgiving to fit bulkier controllers with added grips and accessories. If you haven’t accessorised your Quest 2 too much, it does support a large majority of third-party Elite-style head straps as well as the two official head straps, so if you’re looking for a good quality case whilst on a budget, for your Meta Quest 2, then this case from Syntech is a case worth considering.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:25 – External quality
1:09 – Internal quality
1:36 – Controller fit
2:02 – Front compartment
2:20 – Headset fit
2:56 – My impressions

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