Charging Carrying Case for Quest 2 | Destek OC1 Passthrough Charging Case Review


In this video, I check out the Destek OC1 Passthrough Charging Case.

You can buy this case for $98.99 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £71.19 from Amazon UK ➡️ and €71.19 from Amazon DE ➡️

This hard carry case features the ability to not only fit your Quest 2 headset, and its controllers, along with a number of fitted head straps, but it also has the ability to charge both the headset and battery head strap (if it has one), whilst they are being protected inside the case.

In the box, you get the case itself, and inside you’ll find a USB-A charging adapter, a long USB-A to C charging cable, there are two male magnetic USB-C adapters and a removal tool, one female USB-C magnetic adapter, there’s a paper instruction manual and warranty info.

Features & Design

The case material is a mix of grey woven fabric, plastic and PU leather. On top, there is a blue-coloured see-through plastic window with the Destek logo etched into it. On the sides, there is a sealed zip with large metal tags, and an adjustable PU leather carrying strap. On the back side, there is a USB-C input port to power the case, and on the other side, there is a power toggle button and two LED charging status indicator lights for both the headset connection and battery strap charging connections.

On the inside, there is some soft brushed fabric material to help cushion, support and protect the Quest 2 headset. There is a large central plastic section in the case that also includes a  controller compartment with an additional velcro strap to help keep them in place. On the front side is a small compartment for small accessories like controller batteries, and at the back, there is a short attached USB-C cable that you can use to pass charging power through to a battery strap or any separate battery packs that are also being stored inside the case.

This case doesn’t have an internal battery, all charging is supplied through the case by attaching its power cable into the USB-C port on the back side of the case. Then insert one of the two available magnetic USB-C adapters into the charging port of the Quest 2, and once you place your headset into the case, a magnetic charging point on the inner side will connect to the adapter on your Quest 2 and pass through the charge. Charging takes up to 2.5 hours. There’s a button to manually start and stop charging on the outside of the case, and the two LED indicators light up amber or green to show the charging status of both the headset connection and the rear cable connection.

If you have a battery strap, the rear inside cable can attach to the battery strap’s charging port, that’s usually located on the back of the strap, or you can insert it into the swappable battery pack if it’s removable. You can choose to keep the battery strap power cable attached to the Quest 2, but you would have to manually insert the cable, or you can choose to charge the Quest 2 by using the same magnetic adapter, and then attaching the female USB-C adapter onto the same cable for easy removal of the cable and continue to use the charging functionality inside the carry case. Charging the battery strap will always require manually attaching the rear cable though, and you could use the magnetic pins on the battery strap or pack and use the female magnetic adapter on this instead.

Head Strap Fit

This case has a large enough capacity to fit a number of head strap types inside it. I first tried the official Quest 2 Elite strap and there was plenty of room to spare. The controllers have less room to be seated in the case, and they are meant to be stacked before inserting in the case. I did try them with my grips attached and I managed to fit them in just fine, but longer-length grips may struggle. I found binding the velcro strap around the controllers was a nice addition to help keep them firmly in place.

I also tried more bulker Elite straps, such as the Kiwi design battery strap, and this also had no issues fitting inside the case. With the strap’s charging cable removed from the side the strap slots in fine with room to spare, and the rear charging cable easily reaches the charging port on the battery strap.

And finally, I tried the BOBOVR M2 Pro Halo Battery Strap with BestWin VR rear pad attached. The height of the strap’s forehead pad does make it a little snug in this case, but I was still able to zip up the case with the rear swappable battery removed. There was so much extra room behind the rear and inside the strap for any additional batteries or accessories. And the magnetic Quest 2 cable adapter fitted just fine, and rear charging cable can be used to plug into the battery pack to charge it with the lid closed.

The carry strap can be adjusted to tightly fit the shape of the case, or loosened to be pulled out can be used to carry the case. It’s a nice addition but personally, I wasn’t a fan of it and would rather have had a single-loop handle instead.

My Impressions

This Quest 2 charging carry case from Destek currently retails for $89.10 with coupon from Amazon US, and it’s on sale for £71.19 on Amazon UK and €71.19 as part of a Black Friday deal, and you can check out my links above to learn more about this case and to buy one.

There aren’t many options for Quest 2 charging cases, so Destek has created a solution for anyone wishing to stow their Quest 2 and charge it simultaneously. If you just want to store and carry your Quest 2, then there are plenty of cheaper options out there to do that, so it really comes down to if you prefer to store your Quest 2 in a case whilst also having the ability to charge it too instead of using a separate cable or charging station.

The clear window doesn’t really create any added functionality other than possibly being able to see if a battery strap is charging. You cant use it to see if the Quest 2 is charging, so you have to rely on the side LED lights instead. They do sell a slightly cheaper version of this case without the window, and I’ll put links to that down below too as that’s probably a better buy.

The OC1 Carry Case from Destek is a nice protective and charging accessory if you do prefer to store and charge your Quest 2 in a carry case, but for me, I personally prefer to use a charging station to stow and charge my Quest 2 and its controllers.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:26 – Unboxing
0:46 – Features & Design
2:02 – Charging
3:34 – Elite head strap fit
4:06 – Kiwi design battery strap fit
4:24 – BOBOVR M2 Pro halo strap fit
4:48 – Carry strap
5:07 – My impressions

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