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Enjoy my BeswinVR Magnetic Charge Kit Review. You can buy the magnetic kit on its own for $51.99 or £49.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here → The grip colour options are also on the same page.

Mentions & alternatives to this charging kit:

Anker Powerline Station →
KIWI design Battery Cover Grips →
Kratax 1.5V 3500mWH battery & charger →


In this video, I look at these new pair of controller grips, along with their magnetic charging kit from Beswin VR. The grips themselves cover the entire surface of the touch in a protective silicone material, and the magnetic charging kit allows you to keep these grips on your Touch controllers whilst also having the ability to charge its internal rechargeable battery with a pair of magnetic USB charging cables.

This whole kit includes the silicone grip covers, there is a pair of replaceable battery door covers, a pair of 1.5V 2600mWH rechargeable batteries and magnetic adapters, and there are two separate USB charging cables that magnetically attach to the batteries through the open charging hole on the sides of the controllers.

The closest charging accessory I have seen like this is the desktop charging station from Anker, but it’s pretty huge, so you really need to think about where you can put it, and it doesn’t support if you have grip covers on your Touch controllers either. So with this magnetic charging kit and grips from BestwinVR, you get full protection, and magnetic charging, all in one handy package.

The grips come in a multitude of colours: from black, white, blue, red, and a semi-transparent color. The charging cables themselves are 1metre in length, and they come in a black braided material with magnetic tips that have this hinged point on them to allow them to move more freely, should you attach them at an odd angle.


Installation takes just a few minutes for both controllers. You first need to remove the battery cover on the touch controllers. Then take one of the rechargeable batteries and attach the USB-C magnetic adapter to the side of them, and then place the battery inside the controller. Then pass the silicone strap of the grip through the bottom of the grip and attach it to the wrist strap connection point of the controller. Now attach the replacement cover onto the controller so that the magnetic adapter can be seen through the hole in the side plate of the new battery cover. Then grab the grip and then slide it over your controller handle and sensor ring. Finally, loop the silicone knuckle strap through the sensor ring and attach it back on itself to secure it in place. If you like to use the bundled wrist straps you can attach them through the small hole on each knuckle strap. And that completes the installation.

For me, the bundled rechargeable batteries come already charged. But when you need to recharge them, you just simply find a USB power adapter and insert the USB charging cables into the adapter, and then attach the magnetic ends through the side hole, onto the magnetic connectors on the batteries inside the controllers, and the batteries will begin to recharge themselves. There are no indications on the compartment for the battery themselves and the blue light on each cable is just for show. So there is no way of knowing how much they are charged up by, without going into the Oculus Quest’s main menu to see their current status.

Each magnetic USB charging cable is only 1m long, which isn’t long enough for room-scale use whilst they charge your controllers, but even if they were, the cable gets in the way of your palms when they are connected. So this is not a good solution if you find yourself on low battery and you don’t have any replacements. 

My Impressions

The Beswin VR magnetic charging kit and a pair of compatible silicone grips retail for $70, and you can check out my links in the description below to learn more and to buy one.

The Grips for the controllers aren’t too bad. They are an all silicone grip style that I’ve reviewed before, and it has the same knuckle strap that I am not personally fond of myself – I prefer my knuckle straps to be attached to the grip rather than to the sensor ring, for a better fit without forcing how I grip the controller. They retail for £19.99 on their own and the only difference is the hole on the side of the grip.

This is a good solution if you’re looking for not only grips for your controllers but also a simple and easy way to charge them. But I think it’s a little too costly. In comparison: you can buy the Kiwi design battery cover grips retails for 27.99, and you can pick up a 4 pack of more powerful 1.5V 3500mWH rechargeable batteries and a charger for 28.99 and not only have one of the best grips for the Quest 2 but also have the ability to continue playing with the spare pair of batteries and have fewer cables laying about. 

Personally, I don’t replace my batteries as often enough to justify using a battery charging solution such as this. But if you find yourself regularly reaching out for new batteries for your Touch controllers, this is a decent and environmentally conscious solution if you like to keep your touch controller batteries topped up. But in reality, you’re more likely to ignore all the low battery warnings and run out of battery during your playtime, than have your controllers fully charged before every VR session.

So I much prefer to swap out my dead batteries with fresh new rechargeables inside my kiwi design battery grips, then having to worry about battery management and connecting my controllers to some USB cables that I have permanently hanging around in my VR space.


0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Brief overview
0:51 – Unboxing
1:17 – Alternatives
1:31 – Features
2:04 – Installation
2.55 – Charging
3:55 – Overall impressions

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