BUSQUEDA Pro Swappable 6,000mAh Battery Head Strap for Meta Quest 2 Review


In this video, I check out the BUSQUEDA Pro Swappable 6,000mAh Battery Head Strap for Meta Quest 2.

You can buy this battery strap for $54.89 from Amazon US ➡️ https://amzn.to/3Ftwo9L.

This Elite-style battery head strap for the Quest 2 features a 6,000mAh swappable battery pack at the back, which also adds some weight at the rear for some extra counterbalance. It has a perforated rear rubber pad for added friction and ventilation, and its battery packs offer Power Delivery for fast recharging.

In the box, you get a paper instruction manual, there is the head strap itself, which comes with its rear pad and battery preattached, a separate rubber top strap, and a USB-A to USB-C cable to recharge the battery pack.

The strap is built like the official Elite strap with battery, with fixed side rail arms, and an attached rubber rear pad with perforated holes to help reduce heat build up and reduce sweat. On the left side rail, there is a white power cable and a right-angled USB-C connector, and there is a cable management clip on to the side rail of the head strap too. At the back, there is a rear magnetic system to attach the rechargeable pack onto to power the head strap and charge the Quest 2. 

Features & Design

The battery pack itself is designed well enough that it integrates seamlessly with the rear of the strap and it is thin enough to make the rear of the strap not appear as bulky as some other swappable battery straps. The top of the battery pack has a manual charging button to start and stop charging from the battery, and the rear adjustment dial is also integrated into the battery pack too. This dial also illuminates to serve as the battery’s charging status indicator. The dial has four LED segments and I found it a nice way of illustrating the battery’s charge.

Attaching the battery to the rear of the strap is very easily done and there is a confirming beep sound to let you know the battery is attached and charging, which is handy if you’re still inside VR with the headset on.

The rear of the pad is a simple rubber pad, similar to the official Elite strap, however, this one has perforated holes to help airflow and reduce sweat forming on the rear pad. With its size being similar to the official pad, this means that if you want added comfort you can put on a VR Cover rear pad over it to add some soft foam padding to this strap.


Installation of the head strap involves attaching the side arms to the side rails of the Quest 2 headset. I found these clipped very well on them. Then with your facial interface removed, feed the rounded end of the top strap through the loop on the headset, with the rubber side facing downwards, and the other end through the loop on the rear pad of the head strap. Then reattach the facial interface and connect the USB-C cable from the battery strap to the charging port of the Quest 2 headset.

With the headset attached, I found the head strap had a good counterbalance effect with the battery attached at the back. Its adjustment was easy to do with the rear dial on the back of the battery pack, unlike many other straps, unfortunately, it can’t be pushed inwards for quick adjustment, you have to rotate the dial at the back.

With the top strap fastened and the head strap loosened, you can see there is still some extra front weight still from the headset, so the head strap isn’t 100% counterbalanced, but I do have more accessories installed than stock at the front, with vinyl stickers, HonsVR prescription lenses, and a facial interface and foam padding from VR cover.

Comfort & Battery

The head strap did fit well though and the rear padding at the back felt cool and it also fitted well. Removing the battery with the head strap on was simple and easy to do, and getting the battery’s orientation is easy once you know the top charging button faces upwards. 

Additional 6000mAh batteries can be purchased to allow for an infinite amount of battery life, by rotating between two or more charged battery packs, or you could share battery packs between multiple headsets with the same head strap. Each battery extends playtime by up to an additional 3.5 hours, which is a good amount of time in a day, and with an extra battery pack you can charge and swap each battery for continued uninterrupted playtime on your Quest 2.

Like the BOBOVR batteries, you have a small button on the top to manually choose to start and stop charging your Quest 2, which is great to see. On the underside of the battery, there is a USB-C port to charge it and the LED status lights inside the adjustment dial illuminate to give a clear indication of how charged the battery is.

I’ll put how long it took to fully charge the 6,000mAh battery down below using a Power Delivery supported 100W wall adapter. You can choose to charge the battery with it connected to the headset, and in turn, it will first charge the Quest 2 before charging its own battery. Again, data passthrough is not supported on this USB-C port.

My Impressions

This Battery Head Strap from Busqueda currently retails for $54.89 from Amazon US and there is also currently an extra 10%-off coupon to get it a little cheaper. And I’ll leave a direct link to this strap below to learn more about this strap and to buy one.

My time with this battery strap was good. Personally, I prefer a hinged strap at the sides, to make it easier to put the headset on and off. But its solid side arms and battery at the back had a good overall level of counterbalance, and the rear pad adds some friction to my head to help with this too. 

One negative that’s worth mentioning is that the dial is integrated into the swappable battery, if you just have one battery and you’re charging it, you can’t adjust the strap without it attached. So for uninterrupted play, you do need a second battery pack.

I tried a few headphones with this head strap, and even with its fairly low profile clip attached, all the over-ear headphones I tried fitted just fine, with a few minor adjustments to get the foam underneath the side rails.

As fitting in cases goes. With the battery pack attached it still fitted in the official Quest 2 case without any issues, and it also fits inside the more compact Kiwi design case too, both had plenty of room for the battery pack and any additional ones you would want to carry too.

Considering its competitive price, this 6,000mAh battery strap from Busqueda is a good deal if you’re looking for a good all-round swappable battery head strap on a budget. The lack of a side hinge point lets it down a little for me, and the foam rear pads and top straps from other battery straps can add a level of extra comfort over this strap, but likely at a little extra cost, so if these personal niggles will not bother you, this battery strap is a decent Elite-style battery strap alternative for the Quest 2.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:30 – Unboxing
0:44 – Features & Design
1:09 – Battery pack
2:11 – Rear pad
2:36 – Installation
3:50 – Comfort & Battery
5:18 – My impressions

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