Big Carry Case for Quest 2 Elite / Halo Straps + Accessories | TyaSoleil Carrying Case Review


In this video, I check out a big carry case for the Meta Quest 2 from TyaSoleil.

You can buy this Quest 2 case for $29.99 from Amazon US here → The UK and DE stock will be coming soon, and I’ll update the links as soon as I get them.

Quest 2 carry cases can hit and miss depending on what accessories you have added to your stock Quest 2 headset. If you have changed your default soft strap for a more rigid and better Elite or Halo strap, or even added some bulky grips to your Touch controllers, then the chances of everything fitting in a particular case can become 50/50.

One BIG Quest 2 Case

This is when bigger cases like this case from TyaSoleil have arrived to give you a helping hand. It allows you to stow your accessorised Quest 2 headset, and many more accessories, inside its relatively big carry case.

Unzipping the rainproof outer zip and folding open the case lid like a book, you will see the inner workings of how this case keeps your Quest 2 safe and secure. The headset sits in its own recessed compartment at the lower portion of the case, whilst a large majority of head straps can fit easily towards the top of the case. In the middle are two compartments. One is for the controllers (which on some straps require to be stacked) and the second, smaller compartment, is there for spare batteries or rather small battery packs.

Inside the front lid is a large pocket divider for Oculus Link cables and power cables, magazines and snacks, whilst the mesh-lined, zip-fastened pocket above it can take more loose items, such as spare batteries, earbuds and wall adapters.

Headstrap Support

I tried a number of head straps, starting with the Aubika Elite Battery Strap, which fitted perfectly with a little room to spare. The controllers, stacked, fitted neatly in the middle of the strap, with knuckle straps from BeswinVR and AMVR attached to them, no problem.

Swapping for a higher-ridged head strap from X-Super Home, this fitted without any issues with closing the case or putting any stress on the outer zip. Switching to the KIWI design Upgraded Elite Strap start to put a little pressure on this case, due to its wider back strap. But it still fitted fine and the case was able to close easily without any stress on the case or the zip.

With the majority of Elite straps easily consumed with this case, I looked at Halo straps. The BOBOVR M2 Pro was my Halo strap of choice, as with many others, and this strap fitted just as well as the high-backed X-Super home battery strap, with the lid closing easily and with that I knew any other similar and OG halo straps will not have an issue either.

Other Accessories

If you pack a number of other accessories, such as Link cables and battery packs, straps with a high or chunky rear part of the strap might require items like a power bank to be removed, but with lots of spare room in the lid and lower regions of the case, above the headset, you can stow the battery pack loosely without any issues with closing the case.

For $29.99 at its current sale price, this case ticks a lot of boxes for anyone on a budget or seeking a case that can take a lot of head straps and accessories along with it. Personally, I prefer smaller and more compact cases, like the KIWI case I reviewed earlier. But if you’re rocking a big and bulky accessorised Quest 2, then I wouldn’t hesitate to give this case a look.


0:00 – Outside Overview
0:23 – Outside + Grey Option
1:09 – Inside the Case
1:15 – Aubika Battery Strap Fit
3:35 – Controller Fit
5:36 – Official Case Comparison
6:29 – High-Backed Head Strap Fit
7:16 – KIWI design Elite Strap Fit
7:50 – VR Power 2 Battery Pack Fit
8:40 – BOBOVR M2 Pro Halo Strap Fit
10:20 – My impressions

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