BeswinVR G2 Premium Knuckle Straps for Meta Quest 2 Review Compatible with Anker Charging Dock


In this video, I check out some premium Touch controller knuckle straps for Meta Quest 2 that are compatible with Anker Charging Dock as well as on other solid battery door grips, including the default stock battery door.

You can buy these straps for $23.99 from Amazon US here → or for £ from Amazon UK here →

Grips for the Touch controllers come in a variety of designs and styles, as makers struggle to find the best solution for VR gamers. These controller grips and knuckle strap for the Quest 2 (and Quest 1) are mainly aimed at supporting the Anker Charging Dock, which limits the use of using knuckle straps whilst also charging them in the dock, but they can also be used with the default stock battery door to give you a bulk-free grip and knuckle strap.

In the kit, you get a pair of two sticker-based fabric tabs, each with a metal D-ring sewn into the rather tough fabric. These stick onto the inside of the Touch controller battery door, to offer two points for its premium padded knuckle straps to attach to. It’s a simple design, but it works fairly well.

The downside/issue is that the strap is fixed to the battery door, yet the battery door isn’t fixed down any more than if it didn’t have the strap attached to it. The result is that, in the heat of the action, the main part of the controller can come loose, or worse, fly off, whilst your hand is still attached to the grip with the battery door attached to it.

Their solution for anyone encountering this issue is to take the top strap over the sensor ring and attached the loop back onto the padded strap. It works well, yet it possibly covers sensors on the ring (no different to many other straps out there). But this all depends on how you play. For me, I didn’t encounter the door sliding off when using the usual setup, yet I have seen it happen to others.

The padding of the knuckle strap is the best bit of this strap, it’s a shame its elastic straps didn’t fit through the AMVR battery door cover loops, otherwise, these would be a cheaper alternative to the ProTubeVR ProStraps on those grips. But they feel like a warm hug to the back of your hand, that’s helped with the rather long elastic velcro straps.

If you own the Anker Charging Dock, and you want a knuckle strap that works with the controllers and does not need to be removed from the grips every time you charge, these are a great solution for that purpose, as well as a premium strap solution for the default battery door grips too.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:14 – Unboxing
4:00 – Installation
8:00 – My impressions

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