BeswinVR 10,000mAh Elite Battery Strap for Meta Quest 2 Review


In this video, I check out the BeswinVR 10,000mAh Battery Elite Strap for Meta Quest 2. You can buy this battery strap currently for $55.99 directly, $59.99 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £59.99 from Amazon UK ➡️, and €69.99 from Amazon DE ➡️

This Elite style head strap features all the key elements that we look for in an elite strap. There is a 10000mAh Battery at the back, soft thick cushioning to its top strap, a quiet adjustment dial at the back, and a rotating hinge point on the side rails for easy wear and removal of the strap.

In the box you get a paper instruction manual, a long USB-A to USB-C charging cable, there is the head strap itself, and finally, there is the padded top strap.

Features & Design

Looking over the strap then, it has the 10,000 mAh battery at the back of the strap, on the top of the rear of the strap there is a button to start and stop charging and alongside there is a USB-C port to recharge the internal battery.

Attached to the rear of the strap is a rubber silicone rear head pad, that’s the same shape as the official Elite Strap, so you could add a VR Cover foam rear pad to this to add extra comfort.

Moving along the sides of the strap, halfway down there is a rotatable hinge point to pivot the headset up and down for each wear and removal. These don’t lock in place like the Kiwi design strap does, so this might affect the amount of impact the heavier battery at the back could have counterbalanced the head strap.

Along the left side of the strap, you’ll notice the USB-C power cable that you connect to the Quest 2 to charge it. Once connected the four small LEDs will glow blue to show the battery charging and recharging status. Tapping the button will toggle charging, so you can choose when you want the battery in the strap to charge your Quest 2.


Attaching the strap to the headset is very simple, thanks to its slide-on design, which requires you to slide the side arms of the strap onto the side rails from front to back until they stop in place.

After attaching the strap to the headset you then have to feed the top padded strap through the loop on the rear pad, and the other end through the loop on the headset.

Then reattach your facial interface, plug in the power cable from the battery pack, attach any cable management velcro ties to the sides of the strap, and the installation is complete.

My Impressions

This battery head strap from BeswinVR currently retails for $55.99 from them directly, $59.99 from Amazon US, £59.99 from Amazon UK, and €69.99 from Amazon DE. And I’ll leave links to all these stores down below so you can learn more about this strap and to buy one.

Wearing the strap feels good, thanks to its official style rear silicone that cups the back of the head well, whilst the foam top padding offers a good level of comfort during long sessions. The hinged sides help put the headset on and off your head, whilst also offering the ability to flip the headset upwards to talk to someone outside VR, take a drink, or check your phone.

Unfortunately, this hinge doesn’t lock at its horizontal position, which removes any rigidity for a counterbalancing effect from the weight of the rear battery. Being a larger capacity than most straps, I did feel the extra weight that this larger battery brings, so it’s unfortunate that without a locked hinge, the counterbalance is less impactful. But with that said it does offer a good level of counterbalance than some other battery straps, even with its free-turning side hinge.

The strap comes with some basic velcro cable management ties in the box, yet I find this reduces the overall aesthetics of the strap as a whole – some white-coloured clips would have been better here. 

The rear adjustment dial is one of the smoothest and quietest turning dial I have experienced on a Quest 2 head strap, however, this mechanism can make it a little hard to retract the sides of the strap, which takes a little extra force to turn the dial.

Case Support

I tried this strap out on two of my favourite cases. The strap couldn’t adjust small enough to fit inside the compact Kiwi design carry case, however, the headset and strap fitted just fine in the official Meta Quest 2 case, including the BeswinVR Charging Link cable which is a high-speed USB 3.0 cable with a separate charging port to provide unlimited power to your headset whilst you play. 

Headphones Fit

I did encounter a few issues with side rails getting in the way of a variety of headphones, which required a little adjustment each time to fit the over-ear cup underneath the strap, but after doing this the headphones fitted fine and its foam top strap helps to reduce any headband pressure you might experience on some headphones during long sessions.


Overall, this battery strap from BeswinVR is a good head strap for anyone seeking a 10,000mAh battery strap, with a hinged side strap design, and a good level of counterbalance. Considering its price and battery capacity, it’s a solid head strap that only really lets down by its slightly cheaper build quality and full rotating side hinge points.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:29 – Unboxing
0:37 – Features & design
1:49 – Installation
2 :01 – My impressions
3:45 – Case fit
3:59 – BeswinVR Charging Link Cable
4:21 – Headphone fit

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