Best VR Gunstock for Oculus Quest 2 FPS Shooters? ProTube VR MagTube Review


Enjoy our review of the MagTube Gunstock from ProTube VR. It retails from €119 Euros directly here →

The MagTube from ProTube VR features an articulated and easily adjusted frame construction The detachable ProTube MagCups help you interact with buttons, picking up items, throwing grenades and firing side arms. With the Touch controllers inserted, they firmly stay in place on the stock whilst also allowing you the freedom to remove them from the gunstock with one easy motion.

It takes some getting used to, but you get used to the motion you need do to remove them and reattach them successfully. It’s not as easy playing without a gunstock, but it’s a decent solution to transition between the fixed position and the freedom for single-handed tasks.

So the all important question… How well does it work in FPS shooting games?

I tried the MagStock with and without the ProStraps, and across a number of shooters on the Quest, including: GunClub VR, Onward, Dead Horizon and Contractors.

If you’re into your shooters and 99% of your time is spent with dual-wield weapons, then I can see the worth looking into, as it really does help with your aim and immersion within the game.+

I didn’t find using the MagCups as fluid and quick as playing games without the gunstock, but that’s at the compromise of reduced accuracy and immersion In the game. Being able to see your weapon in VR and also feel some additional weight in your hands, it really helps enhance the game you’re playing.

I was surprised to find that many of the parts on the MagTube were 3D printed. The 3D printed plastic used is very good quality though, and I didn’t feel like they were too flimsy or that they could break with any major force.

The biggest hassle with the MagTube and gunstocks in general is getting it into the right position and fit along with their lack of support in games. This VR accessory is a bit of a niche, so support in VR games are really thin. So I found matching up the gunstock to how it looks in the game was my main challenge, with Contractors doing a much better job at it. And then there are weapons, each can be held differently in game, so once you might have set up the stock for one particular weapon, this would look and feel different if you were to pick up a different weapon with slightly different holding points in the game.

So for me, it really comes down to how many shooters you play, what shooter you play the most, and how you play that particular game and the weapons you are able to choose or play with that work best with a gunstock such as the MagTube. For me, I couldn’t get into a happy medium with most of the games I tried, and in some games you don’t always have access to the same weapon from the start. So I soon found it more comfortable not using the gunstock at all.

The for the DIY Kit (that you would have to build yourself) or you can buy it ready made from €143 euros by selecting either the left or right handed option at checkout. Upgrading some parts such as slings, adding the ProStraps and choosing carbon tube material will also alter this price greatly.

The gunstock in this video with the black MagCups and stock, the carbon tube, the 2 point sling and ProStraps retails for €234 – so you have to be fully invested in your shooters in order to consider buying a gunstock like this. There are many other gunstock alternatives out there, some that are 3D printed to look very life-like, but what I like about the MagTube is it’s tough build quality and mostly how adjustable it is – which helps you to easily customise it to suit the game that you’ll be playing with it in.

Here are just some of the products and accessories that you see me wear in this video, so you can grab them too!

AMVR Facial Interface Kit →
Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap →
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Retro Cassette Poster Print →


0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Brief overview
0:43 – Why own a VR gunstock
1:03 – MagTube gunstock features & adjustment
1:43 – MagCups function
3:30 – Sling strap
4:05 – Materials options & accessories
4:37 – How well does it work in shooting games?
5:29 – Quality of MagTube gunstock
6:05 – Overall impressions
7:26 – Where to buy, price & custom options
8:15 – Gunstock alternatives

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