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Enjoy my KIWI design Battery Opening Grips for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy these grips for $28.99 from Amazon US here → or for £27.99 from Amazon UK here →


Thankfully, the Quest 2 controller battery life is pretty good. Unlike the original Quest and some other VR controllers, the amount of time you need to replace the batteries on your controllers is much less frequent. But when you do, if you have a grip or knuckle strap on your Touch controllers you have to go through the arduous task of removing them in order to get to the battery compartment. And if you’re doing all this mid-way through a gaming session, it can get a little annoying.

KIWI design has updated their, already great, silicone Pro Grips with a unique addition to solving this exact issue.

Unboxing and feaetures

In the box you get a pair of silicone grips with attached knuckle straps, there is a pair of replacement battery compartment covers with an attached battery pull tab, you get a set of spare pull tabs, and there is a small paper instruction manual that tells you how to put all this together. 

The grips themselves are identical to their original grip covers, with the exception of the small cut-out window flap area on the inner side of the grip cover. The flap itself is reinforced with wedged-shaped rubber material that fits inside the battery compartment to not only keep it securely closed, but it also helps support the battery inside and it prevents the flap from being pressed any further inwards. Even without a battery inside, the flap stays firm when it’s closed, it’s not flimsy at all and it never loses its shape.


Before you attach the grips onto the controller, you first need to remove the original battery compartment cover and replace it with the bundled cover that features a cut-out hole on one side. Attached to the edge of the cover is a thin, yet strong, plastic tab that is placed underneath the inserted battery. 

This is to make it easier to remove the battery through the narrow hole you have on the grip. You do have to really pull at the tab to remove the battery, and that’s why they have given you some additional tabs, should any of them break off. I found it easier if you lever the battery upwards within the controller whilst pulling at the tab. Because if you don’t do this the battery is very hard to dislodge from its compartment, and that will lead to snapping these pull tabs off instead.

Like the original grip, each grip is secured at the top with two rubber ears. This helps keep the whole grip attached to the top of your controller, and they work really well. The knuckle strap hasn’t been changed on this grip and it features the same buckle and velcro system to adjust it around the back of your hand. 

If you like to use wrist straps, underneath there is a small hole to feed the original wrist strap through, should you want some extra security on your controllers.

The silicone material helps work with other accessories, such as the VR Cover Halo Protectors. It’s a shame KIWI hasn’t integrated such a protector with these grips, as that would really make the ultimate grip for the Quest 2 in my opinion. But for now, these work well with the Halo protectors, and you can fit them both above and below the grip, no problem.

My Impressions

The KIWI design controller grips for the Quest 2 with battery opening retails for $28.99 from Amazon, and you can help support the site and channel by buying a pair through my links above.

They are a great upgrade to their original controllers. They continue to feel super comfortable and they still remain to be one of the best grips you can buy for the Quest 2. The added addition of being able to access the battery without taking the grip off, for me, is a solution that doesn’t really need to be addressed, but it is a nice addition nonetheless and the flap on the grip doesn’t reduce the grips’ structural integrity or protection.

If you find yourself changing your Quest controller batteries often, and you’re on the lookout for a decent pair of knuckle strap grips, then you really can’t go wrong with these grips from KIWI design.


0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Brief overview
0:54 – Unboxing & features
1:50 – Installation
3:03 – Halo protector fit combo
3:26 – My impressions

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