Best Quest 2 Facial Interface? AMVR Facial Interface Kit Black Edition for Oculus Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my review of the AMVR 7-in-1 Facial Interface Kit for Oculus Quest 2. You can buy this black interface kit for $29.99 from Amazon US here → or for £29.99 from Amazon UK here →

Today’s video is an unscripted waffle about the new AMVR 7-in-1 facial interface kit in black. I have already covered the first earlier orange edition of the facial interface kit and it was one of my most favourite facial interfaces for the Quest 2, yet its orange colour didn’t help with light leaking through the sides.

When I saw that AMVR now does black and white versions of this same interface, I just had to try out the black edition to see if it was the ultimate facial interface.

All was going well until I experienced the first connection to the Quest 2 headset, which didn’t clip-in as easily as the orange one did. On close inspection it looks like they have made the more rigid part of the interface a little softer plastic, and as a result the fit into the Quest 2 isn’t as firm to connect and stay connected. It is still better connection than my early released VR Covers, so I think I’ll be keeping this version on my Quest 2, and updating My Setup (link below) shortly.

I still found I needed the side pads, and for a while I tried out their thicker foam pad and was pleasantly surprised with it. Its much thinner comfort than VR Cover’s offering, but I prefer thicker pads around the cheekbone area, so I replaced the AMVR with VR Cover’s Cool XG gel pads, the thicker one, and with the side pads it feels really nice and comfy without any light leaking into the headset, only just a small potion under the nose.

For $29.99 it is a good bundle if you are looking for a new interface and foam pad combo. The nose bleed flap is the best I have used and the stock foam pads are a decent start and you can upgrade to VR Cover later if you need to. If you are starting out or need an upgrade from the stock foam interface, be sure to check this set out from AMVR.


0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Brief overview
1:10 – Bundled Accessories
1:57 – Nose Flap
2:35 – Foam Pads
3:20 – Compared to Orange Interface
4:18 – Connection Issues
7:15 – Materials
8:17 – Compare to VR Cover
8:44 – Combo Foam Covers
9:02 – Elite Strap Users
9:20 – Halo Strap Users
9:45 – Overall impressions

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