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Enjoy my AMVR Hand Grip Straps for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy this grip for $17.99 or £19.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here →

Overview & Features

In this video, I check out a pair of new grips with knuckle straps for the Oculus Quest 2. These also have small windows on the side that you can open and get access to the battery compartment nice and easy.

These grips are great because it removes the extra bulk from the controller that’s commonly caused by thick plastic or silicone material that wraps around the bottom of the controller, to simply allow the knuckle strap to attach to it. Many rubber and plastic grips suffer from poor attachments or that they cover the entire controller, making it a hassle to remove them when swapping out controller batteries. Some makers have created easy access grips with battery windows or magnetic points to charge your controllers, but nothing as simple as a solution as these form AMVR.

The most vulnerable part of this setup is a small tough elastic (hair) band loop that wraps itself around the top portion of the replacement battery cover grip that you slide onto the controller. Its premium velcro leather strap loops over this band and back onto the base of the grip panel on the controller with its secure built-in metal buckle.

The loop at the base is made from the same continuous piece of thick plastic, so there isn’t much to give here. This makes the whole grip feel very solid and supportive. The give of the small elastic band at the top is enough to make the strap fit well enough whilst also allowing you to easily insert your hand or give enough to reposition it without adjusting/tightening the velcro on the strap.

The battery cover firmly clicks securely closed, and once it’s attached, on the inside of the battery cover door there is a small hook/ledge that pushes down at the internal wall of the battery compartment. A clever design that helps secure the whole replacement battery panel from sliding down and off, which explains why you need to remove the door before sliding out the main cover from the controller.

If I were to nitpick, I found the shiny hexagon pattern made this cover feel just a little cheap. I would have preferred the same matt texture of the official control it slides onto. It’s not even a texture that adds any grip to it, in my opinion. At least its colour matches the Quest 2 grip close enough.

My Impressions

Overall, I think this accessory is such a simple yet very effective solution for adding knuckle straps to your controller. I am very surprised how it has taken this long to see this kind of attachment method come to the Quest 2 controllers. The simple looped elastic band is genius. It could be improved with another plastic loop that sticks out, but this band gives it the ability to give when you need to alter hand position or insert your hand.

This grip is so simple, it leaves very little to complain about. Other than the texture, maybe the leather strap should have been white, but after a few fitness sessions, this might look a little grubby if it was. Then there is the price. At $17.99 it is just $1 cheaper than their other grips that feature a lot more components. But it is a lot cheaper than KIWI designs battery solution. Personally, I would have thought this would retail for much cheaper. Perhaps around $10-12 would be the ideal sweet spot here.

If you are on the lookout for knuckle straps with easy battery access for your Quest 2, then I really recommend this rather low-fi version of what the most expensive Kiwi Battery Covers do. Being so simple and low-fi is not a bad thing. Sure they might not give a level of protection as other rubber grips, but as knuckle straps go, these Hand Grip Straps from AMVR look great, perform great – they just work!


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Brief overview
1:14 – Unboxing
1:46 – Installation
3:36 – My impressions

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