Best Knuckle Strap and Controller Protector Combo for Oculus Quest 2


In this video I show you the best comfort and protection combination for your Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers. Buy the Kiwi Design Q1Pro-2 Grips from Amazon US or Amazon UK. VR Cover Halo Covers can be purchased or from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

So I have covered a lot of grips and protectors in the past for the Quest and Quest 2, yet after each review I make, I usually tend to fall back to my favourite grips and protectors. I recently reviewed the Kiwi Design grips and the Halo protectors from VR Cover and I have found these two products make the perfect combination for your Quest 2 Touch Controllers.

A few people asked me if you can fit the Halo protectors around the Kiwi Design and I have ground two ways of doing it, so in this video I will show you how well each method works. Personally I prefer the grips over the halo protectors. There are two reasons why…

The first is if you want to remove the grips to insert new batteries, you will have to take off the Halo protector first every time.

The second is the trigger finger area. Now, both install methods give the same padding thicknesses in this area, but I find attaching the Halo protectors over the Kiwi grips creates more of a ledge and let’s face it, I think it doesn’t look that great.

Installing the Halo first allows you to cover this ledge from the Halo protector and it helps smooth out the area that you finger rubs against this ledge a lot less.

So, with both of these products installed, I think this is the best combination you can get for your Oculus Quest 2 controllers. You get the protection from the Halo Protectors from VR Cover, and you get great comfort, less bulk and decent knuckle straps from these Kiwi Design grips.

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0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Brief overview
0:54 – Halo Cover over Grip installation
2:37 – Halo Cover under Grip installation
4:54 – Stacked Quest controllers for case fitting
5:30 – Overall impressions
6:55 – Cost and where to buy them

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