Best Battery Bank Strap for Quest 2 | AMVR Power Bank Fixing Bracket Review

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Enjoy my AMVR Power Bank Fixing Bracket Review. You can buy the Power Bank Bracket accessory for $24.99 from Amazon US here → or for £19.99 from Amazon UK here →

So is my second battery strap on this channel. The first was a strap from KIWI design which was a simple PU leather strap that simply held your power bank in place on the back of your head strap. But today we are looking at a similar battery strap from AMVR. This strap features a number of additional components to help improve compatibility for a number of head straps, it also improves the security of the battery you place into it, and finally, you get a bundled charging cable that allows you to attach the power cable magnetically on to the Quest headset.

What’s in the Box?

In the box, you get the main power bank bracket, a cable management clip, a waistband clamp, a rubber comfort pad, a military-style belt, a pair of velcro ties, and a pair of velcro straps, the magnetic charging cable and magnetic USB-C adapter, a prying tool, and a paper instruction manual to tell how to put all of these items together.

This battery strap can be used on a number of headsets, including the original Quest, the Quest 2, the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and with the waistband attachment you can also attach the battery to your waist too. In this video, I’ll be focusing on the default soft strap and also the official Elite Strap. But as long as you have a top strap fixed onto your head strap, you can attach this battery strap to most head straps that are available for the Quest and Quest 2. Including any halo strap if you use a top strap with it.


Attaching the battery to the Elite Strap is very simple. You first need to remove and pass the top head strap through the battery mounting bracket and then reattached it back onto your Quest. Then you take the rubber padding and attach it firmly onto the attachment points of the bracket to secure it in place.

Next, you attach the two velcro straps into each loophole of the mounting bracket, and then take your chosen power bank and slide it underneath these straps, pulling each strap end tightly to secure it in place.

With the battery fixed onto your head strap, we now need to attach a charging cable. You can choose to use your own charging cable, but AMVR has included a magnetic charging cable of its own. Its length is pretty generous, probably too generous (at 1metre in length). It should have been no more than 50cm, but AMVR does allow this strap to be mounted on your waist, so 50cm would have been too short for this type of use. But for head strap use, it’s too long.

This is where the bundled velcro ties come in. You can loop one of these around the cable and attach it to the bottom loophole in the middle of the mounting bracket. On the other side of the cable, there is a magnetic power attachment that attaches to the magnetic USB-C power adapter that you plug into the power socket of your Quest 2. Then when you want to charge from your Power Bank you can attach or detach the cable more easily. Personally, I don’t see the real need for using this cable with the power bank, as you would always want the cable attached to your Quest and the Power Bank. But again, this magnetic cable really becomes useful when you have the battery pack attached to the waist belt. But overall, it’s a nice accessory to have for other uses, such as quickly charging the Quest from a wall adapter. This cable isn’t mentioned in the manual, so I assume this was thrown in at the last minute.

My Impressions

Your comfort, counterbalance and battery life will depend on the size, weight and capacity of the battery you decide to attach onto the AMVR mounting bracket. I tried a number of power banks and I found it handled the smaller, lighter power banks better, as the weight is more on the top of your head than at the back, so there isn’t much of a counterbalancing effect when attaching it onto the top of the head strap. The velcro straps were long enough to reach around the larger, rectangular power banks without too much problem either.

I tried the strap on the BOBOVR M2 Halo Strap and with a single additional strap added through the top head strap loop at the back, I was also able to mount it lower down this way, placed over the tightening dial, without requiring the need for the top strap. You can probably use this same method on any other Halo Straps too. Because of how the Halo Straps are built, the counterbalancing effect isn’t there as much as attaching it to an Elite Strap or similar.

For the best mounting solution on the BOBOVR M2 strap, I found if you attached the AMVR bracket to the BeswinVR Halo Padding Kit, it made a perfect combo if you attach it right. So look out for my future review of the Halo Padding Kit on this channel.

I couldn’t try it with the HTC VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap, yet I am sure it works well on that head strap too if it is so versatile on other straps I have tried it with. I find the solid mounting plate is a great feature as it makes the battery fit on your strap in a more stable way and along with the added straps it can be a lot more secure than material-based power bank straps.

Its many attachment points help you customise the strap to almost exactly how you want it. I would have easily traded the bundled USB cable for one or two extra velcro straps to really make it perfect. The USB bundled cable is a nice addition, but it’s not very practical for use when the battery is mounted on a head strap. You might eventually find more uses for the cable elsewhere, such as charging other USB-C devices with it instead.

Overall, this is definitely one of the better battery strap kits you can buy for the Quest right now, regardless of what head strap you have.


0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Brief overview
0:59 – Unboxing
1:29 – Features
2:06 – Installation
4:00 – Overall impressions

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