Arizona Sunshine – Dead Man & The Damned DLC Oculus Quest Review

Since its release on the Oculus Quest in December 2019, Arizona Sunshine has continued its support with a variety of Rift-originated updates that not only improve the game and its gameplay, but it also expands on the horror shooter’s primary story campaign.

After releasing updates for two-handed weapons, to visiting the Old Mine and Undead Valley in its multiplayer-focused update, the team behind Arizona Sunshine have recently released two of last year’s Oculus Rift DLC packs on to the Quest that both expand on the game’s main story campaign.

Dead Man DLC – $2.49 / £2.18

The first expansion to release is the Dead Man DLC. In this update players who have finished the main story can jump back into an all-new single campaign mission and have your fill of slaying zombies once again.

Taking place in the final days before the zombie apocalypse. You find yourself placed outside an infested US missile base. Your goal is to get inside the base and launch the missile that’s located inside, in an attempt to try to contain the expanding zombie outbreak.

You first spend time taking out a few waves of zombies on the surface of the missile base, before entering into a lift and exploring the underground base. What follows is a number of dark corridors, dimly lit control rooms and plenty of zombies in the way of getting where you need to be – the launch room.

With the rocket launched, it’s time to escape back to the surface. This is when the Dead Man DLC begins to challenge you, as you frantically fend off the many zombies that litter your path back towards the lift that will take you back to the surface.

Back on top and outside of the base you return to some familiar territory, in particular the army compound you last visited in the game’s original main story campaign, and onto the DLC’s fairly lightweight ending, which wraps-up the approximate 30-minute worth of gameplay.

Overall, the Dead Man DLC felt a little shallow in its gameplay and substance, however The Damned DLC makes up for this with a whole new chapter with some tough challenges and much bigger depth, which as a result, offers you almost double the play time.

The Damned DLC – $4.99 / £4.37

In The Damned DLC you find yourself as a soldier who has recently crashed inside a dam tunnel littered with abandoned cars, buses, and of course zombies. From the very beginning you’re fending off oncoming zombies, all while learning your mission that’s being briefed over the radio from your commander. Get inside the hydroelectric dam, reset the control systems and restore the power to the military’s nuclear missile system.

Simple, right? No. There are many zombies between you and reaching your goal. Once out of the first tunnel, you explore the top of the dam and the wandering zombies that are around it. There are plenty of walled obstacles in your way here, so you find yourself climbing down and up between different levels of the dam to reach blocked off areas, before finally reaching a lift that will take you into the inner workings of the dam.

At this point things get a little darker and more complex, as you navigate around various floors and pipework, scaling up and down steps, exploring offices and machinery rooms that power the dam, all of which are lined with wandering undead. Your path through each floor of the dam is very linear, with very little retracing through previous corridors and paths.

Picking up keycards and keys to unlocked doors is crucial to finding your way through the DLC’s main story mission. As you progress through the inner levels of the dam, it feels very much like a zombie shooting range, with plenty of objects to keep them at a distance, which makes it less of a challenge along the way. There are too many weapon drops littered around the world too, which helps make it a little too easy where you are rarely without an empty clip or a spare loaded weapon.

Around three quarters of the way through the mission, all the previous shooting practice pays dividends, as you begin to witness this DLC’s sudden increase in difficulty. Switching on each of the dam’s four power generators sends new waves of zombies at you from all angles. It’s here where the difficulty begins to ramp up and your heart begins to race – some 40-minutes in.

After safely escaping from this rather intense scenario, you soon find yourself replenishing your ammo and weapons with an abundance of ammo crates and various weapons left by your now deceased army buddies. Firing up the dam’s control room begins The Damned’s finale, which almost repeats the same level of intensity found in the previous 20 minutes.

Both DLC missions are a great way to continue and experience the game’s world once again. I was a little disappointed when I completed the Dead Man DLC so quickly, although its price does seem to reflect this shortcoming. The Damned DLC costs twice as much and this mirrors the added value of its additional length and the extra gameplay it gives you. If you’re looking for an excuse to dive back into the Arizona Sunshine world, for just $7.48 / £6.55, both DLC packs offer just under 2-hours-worth of additional zombie action, whilst also expanding the worlds that you can play in the game’s own multiplayer mode.

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