Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs – Oculus Quest Review

Since its first launch on mobile in 2009, the Angry Birds franchise has had its fair share of appearances. From various platforms including PC and video game consoles to toys and various merchandise, television series and even Hollywood animated feature films. Over the last decade, it is certain that you’ve likely seen or thrown a few of these colourful birds in this time. However there is one new platform that these birds have yet to nest on and that’s VR.

What started as an augmented reality test soon blossomed into a fully fledged game under the title of Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs. This nineteenth game in the series first appeared on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive back in February 2019, and it wasn’t long until we next saw the game appear in AR on mobile and now at launch on the Oculus Quest.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs takes what we love the most from this long-lasting franchise and place you the player virtually inside an Angry Birds world, an island in fact, where the greedy green pigs are taking a vacation. With the help of Angry Birds: Red, Chuck, Bomb and the Blues, it’s your job once again to save the stolen eggs.

The game features four major island locations, or zones if you will. Each island contains a number of structure puzzles to complete in order to progress onto the next island. Party City island is your final destination, but first, you must tackle the jungle, the desert and the pig’s snowy hideout, retrieving the stolen eggs along the way.

Gameplay in Isle of Pigs is very simple and it is even more accessible than all the previous flat-screen variants of the game. Thanks to the extra dimension of VR you now have the ability to teleport to pre-set positions located around each structure. You use these positions to gain the best angle possible to effectively destroy each structure. From any position you can also lean, move around a little and crouch down to get the perfect angle to slingshotting your set of three Angry birds, who each patiently wait on a raised wooden platform alongside you.

Your slingshot is held with the left controller, whilst grabbing and pulling back is done with the right controller and trigger button. Whilst pulling back you can correct your angle of attack by moving your pulling hand left and right whilst viewing the white projected flight path from your slingshot. Once you let go of the pulling hand’s trigger button you see your bird fly towards the stack. It’s very satisfying to do and watch your bird cause chaos to the stack in front of you.

Each level has a set amount of firing positions around each structure. Sometimes you might have just two positions, whilst sometimes you may have more than four. Some positions will give you a better overview of the structure and possibly a hint at the all-important explosive TNT crates that may have previously been hidden from view in the last position.

Like all other Angry Birds games, there is a three-star system for the completionists out there to earn. If you wish to just fire through the levels, you can continue to the next level by earning at least one star. Each level is well constructed with more challenging structure elements being introduced as you play. Wood blocks are soon joined with stone columns that require more shots to destroy, whilst wind machines and platforms held up with balloons add a new level of complexity in orde to achieve all three stars.

Audio and visuals do not disappoint in this game. All the classic Angry Birds music and sounds chime out as you remember them when you last faced against the little green pigs. Visually, the game’s graphics style has taken a heavy dose from the Angry Birds movie, with nice little touches when you bring the slingshot carrying a solo bird to your face to view the level of detail in each character. The world around you fits in just as well, making you feel like you’ve stepped directly into a cartoon Angry Birds world.

Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs is a great game for all ages. I remember spending many hours on the first game on mobile almost a decade ago and I had just as much fun, if not more, in this game’s first outing on a VR platform. There are a couple of hours worth of gameplay for its mid-price tier of $14.99 (£10.99) from the Oculus Store. This length stretches even more so if you wish to earn all of the stars in each level. Whether this is your first time slingshotting birds at the greedy green pigs or your a bird-flinging veteran, there is plenty to enjoy in Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs.

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