AMVR vs VR Cover Touch Controller Grip Covers for Oculus Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2 review. You can buy these grips for $21.99 or £22.99 from Amazon US → or from Amazon UK →

These Oculus Quest Touch Controller Grips from AMVR have been available soon after the Quest 2 released last year. After covering grips from Kiwi design, Elygo and Vakdon, and VR Cover it made good sense to see how these grips compete against them, and if they are worth upgrading too.

Installing both grips onto your Quest controllers is done fairly easily. You simply slide on the grips, select the strap colour combo and insert one end into one of five sized holes at the top and feed the other end through the attached spring-loaded buckle at the bottom. Finally, you secure the top of the grip to the sensor ring with one of the mini velcro straps.

With the grips attached, you then slide your hand in between the grip and the elastic strap and tighten the tension of the strap by sliding the strap through the buckle, and you’re good to go.

Once everything is set up, you will not need to remove the grips anymore, other than to remove them to replace the batteries in the Touch controller. The grip itself feels good and the triangle grid pattern on the palm side of the grip helps with airflow under your palm to reduce the chance of your palms getting sweaty. On the other side of the grip, there is a slight ergonomic indentation for your lower fingers to rest into, and the five holes at the top allow you to choose the perfect position for your knuckle strap.

The grip’s design comes with a few issues, however. The first is how the cups are designed around the grab button. If pushed on fully I was able to slip the grip over the grab button. This is because it has this straight-line design on the grip rather than being cut lower or shaped to go around the grab button.

The second issue was the area at the top, with all the adjustable holes for the knuckle strap. This piece feels way too big and I think they could have halved the number of holes here and reduce its size. Because of this, I found this flappy part got in the way and it doesn’t look that great either.

With the top strap attached to the sensor I found it restricted my thumb movement a little, yet personally, I am not a fan of how most grips attach to the sensor ring of the controllers. There are other grips that do this much better and they are far more comfortable.

The closest grips in comparison to these are from VR Cover. They offer the same grip cup and strap attachment combo. Yet I find the VR Covers to be a better fit, they don’t cover the grab button and you can also get them in the matching white colour, like these from AMVR.

The AMVR Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Grips first set the standard for grips on Quest 2, but since then its competitors have evolved or released new designs that fit better and are much more comfortable.

The AMVR grips still offer the most adjustable knuckle straps when compared to its newer rivals, but this is at the sacrifice of its design and overall function. You get plenty of adjustability with these straps, and the grips are comfortable and strong enough, but there are better knuckle strap-based grips out there now for the Quest 2.


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1:04 – Unboxing
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2:26 – My impressions

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