AMVR vs Eyglo / Esimen Noise Isolating Earbuds for Oculus Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my AMVR Noise Isolating Earbuds for Oculus Quest 2 review, where I compare them to my favourite in-ear earbuds for Quest 2. You can buy the AMVR earbuds from $14.99 from Amazon US → or £14.99 from Amazon UK →

So I have covered a number of in-ear headphones for the Quest and Quest 2. My most favourite has been the in-ear headphones from Eyglo, however, someone asked me what the AMVR ones were like, so I thought I would get some and compare my favourites against them.

In the box you get a pair of AMVR white or black in-ear headphones, there’s a pair of in-ear headphone holders of the same colour, which attach to the side straps of your head strap. A set of larger and smaller in-ear caps also come in the box and lastly you get a small paper manual. All of this comes in a hard zippable carry case, to help keep everything all neatly together.

Because these are headphones for the Quest 2 headset, everything is connected with one short cable for your left ear and a longer daisy-chain cable that connects to the right earbuds. Both earbuds have a little weight to them, which makes them feel quite premium and the cable has a braided texture to it, but it is still plastic. The gold-plated headphone socket connector features a right-angled elbow joint that keeps its profile low when it’s connected to your Quest 2.

Installation & Fit

Compared to the fit of the Eyglo headphones, I found all the tips were not as well-fitting for my ears, which meant that they were quite easy to lose their seal that would lose their overall bass and audio quality. The longer right channel cable was a very good length, probably a little longer than it needed to be, and also still too short to wrap around the rear of any head strap. This means that you’ve got lots of excess cables to feed around the front of the headset.

I like to insert this longer audio cable behind the padding of my facial interface, or alternatively behind the top padding on a halo strap. The excess cable made doing this much easier than some other headphone cables, but like the KIWI design headphones, I found that with this cable it was probably a little bit too long, but it’s best to have a longer cable than a shorter one.

You get three sizes of clear silicone ear caps with the AMVR headphones. Each has its blue and red colour coded rings on them, to also tell which is left and right earbud. Not that you need this with how the headphone cable is set up and attached to your Quest 2.

To help fix the position of the headphones on your Quest 2, AMVR has included their silicone earbud holder straps that attach to each side of your head strap. These offer a great way to stow your earbuds into and it keeps them from flapping around and getting caught between your face and the headset when you put it on. The strap itself also helps with cable management for the excess headphone cables and also for an Oculus Link cable.

My Impressions

I sat awhile with both my favourite Eyglo in-ear buds and these ones from AMVR. It was very close to telling them apart in some applications, but for apps like music or games with explosions, I found the Eyglo headphones had a little richer, with deeper bass and they felt warmer overall. This might have been due to the better seal of the silicone caps, but when forcing the AMVR ear caps into my ears, I felt they weren’t quite meeting the same quality levels as the Eyglo headphones.

They are still a good sounding pair of headphones and the added value is the bundled zip case and its silicone earbuds holders, which alone, are just a great accessory for anyone using earbuds on their Quest.


0:00 – Intro
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2:22 – Installation
3:38 – Overall impressions

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