AMVR Silicone Ear Muffs for Oculus Quest 2 – Install & First-Impressions Review

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Enjoy our AMVR Silicone Ear Muffs for Oculus Quest 2 install and first-impressions review. You can buy the AMVR Earmuffs from Amazon US or Amazon (UK).

In this video, I show you all there is to know about the AMVR Silicone Earmuffs. I look at both colour options, and how they look when worn on your head, along with the Oculus Elite Strap. I show you how easy they are to install, and finally share my thoughts on whether you should buy them or not.

These have been specially designed for the Quest 2 headset to enhance the sound of the built-in speakers that are located on each side of the headset, and reduce the need to wear earbuds or headphones that can block out all the noises around you. Some of you might like that, but using earmuffs like these allows you to continue to hear the outside world around you whilst improving the sound that comes out of the built-in speakers.

For just $12.99, these Quest 2 accessories really help enhance the built-in speakers, so much so they do have a white noise sound that can be heard emitting from your Quest 2 speakers. Their silicone material could be a little firmer also to help improve their build quality and overall feel of them. But for their low price, these two issues are easy to overcome because they really do help enhance the sound of your Quest 2 whilst still being able to listen out for sounds around you, from outside VR.

If you prefer to play with the Quest 2 built-in speakers and you think you could do with a little enhancement in the sound area, be sure to check the AMVR Silicone Earmuffs out.

Time stamps:

00:00 Intro
00:40 In the box
00:54 Colour options
01:05 What does it fit on
01:36 White edition
02:05 Wearing White edition
03:26 Comparison vs Kiwi Design Earmuffs
03:52 How they achieve better sound
05:33 How to install them
07:16 Wearing Black edition
08:08 First-impressions

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