AMVR Meta Quest 3 Controller Silicone Grips & Knuckle Straps Review


In this video, I check out two controller grips and knuckle straps from AMVR.

The AMVR Silicone Grips retail for $28.99 from AMVR directly ➡️, or on Amazon US ➡️, and Amazon UK ➡️

The AMVR Knuckle Straps retail for $27.99 from AMVR directly ➡️, or on Amazon US ➡️

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AMVR have released some great grips for the launch of the Quest 3. Out of the gates, they have two types on offer. Both are available from their store, and some are being listed on Amazon. Act fast to get hold of them at a slightly discounted price, using coupon code OQPLAY for 5% off your order at checkout at their own store.

AMVR Knuckle Straps

Their Knuckle straps offer a minimalistic approach to the Quest 3 controllers, in that they replace the battery door and have a riveted velcro-adjusted strap attached at both ends. It is similar to the official option, but a whole lot cheaper and its leather strap is likely more robust than Meta’s offering.

The replacement cover material colour isn’t quite a perfect match, but this might be a trait of early mouldings of this accessory. There is a wave pattern on the palm side that helps your palms breathe, and generally, they are a nice pair of knuckle straps for the Quest 3.

AMVR Silicone Grips

The Silicone grips are an all-around protective solution for the Quest 3 controllers. Made from fluff-free silicone, they encase the entire controller and they also replace the battery door, so that the outer silicone door can offer easy access to the battery and its removal, thanks to a handy, and rather long, pull tab.

The knuckle strap on the silicone grip is slightly shorter at the top than their other knuckle strap, as a result, the top side can pinch a little more when the strap is adjusted tightly, so people with larger hands might find these silicone grips a little more uncomfortable, as the rivet does tend to dig in more than their minimalistic grip does, which is a shame.


Neither grip nor strap from AMVR covers the controller’s tracking sensors, so tracking is maintained throughout. Both straps hold firming thanks to their leather material and velcro attachment. Past evolution from all their Quest 2 straps has helped AMVR come out flying with these two grips.

Both are great, much cheaper, options over the official Action straps from Meta, with added features to boot. So if there is one thing that should be on your short list of Quest 3 accessories, either of these should be on it.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:24 – AMVR Quest 3 Knuckle Strap Unboxing
1:10 – AMVR Quest 3 Knuckle Strap Installation
3:09 – AMVR Quest 3 Silicone Grip Unboxing
4:22 – AMVR Quest 3 Silicone Grip Installation
8:45 – My impressions

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