AMVR Clip-on Headphones for Oculus Quest 2 Review On Elite Strap, Soft Strap, Halo Strap + More!

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Enjoy my AMVR Clip-on 3D Headphones for Oculus Quest 2 review. You can buy these AMVR CE2 Stereo Headphones for $29.99 from Amazon here → or from Amazon UK here →

Straps tested in this video:

Elite Strap →
Eyglo K5 Strap →
Jayol Halo Strap →

These AMVR Stereo Headphones for the Oculus Quest 2 are my first pair of clip-on headphones. I don’t have a Deluxe Audio Strap to compare it to, but I do use in-ear earbuds and high-end headphones with my Quest 2 to know what sounds good or not. When I saw AMVR was making their own, I just had to reach out and get hold of a pair for review.

The headphones come pre-attached to their clip-on brackets and each are daisy-chained together via a slim audio cable with a single 3.5mm jack at the end to connect to the audio socket on the side of your Quest 2.

When attaching the brackets to your head strap you have to apply either a 2mm or 4.5mm adhesive rubber pads to the inside of each headphone clip, to help it firmly attach itself onto the strap you are clipping it onto.

These headphones are compatible with a number of head straps, from the official Oculus Elite Strap to many other third-party straps, and also compatible with the default soft strap, by using the thicker rubber inserts. In this video, I try them out on the Elite Strap, Soft Strap, and two new straps that I will be reviewing soon – the K5 Head Strap from Eyglo/Esimen and the Jayol Halo Strap with improved rear padding.

The clips are plastic, so I don’t know how long they will last you over the test of time, but as long as you’re not taking them on and off regularly to put a lot of force on the tiny slips, they should last well, but I would have preferred these to be clipped more securely with metal clips instead.

The mounting system of the clip is decent. There is a wide range of side and vertical movements to position the headphone exactly where you’d want it over your ears. They can also flip up to allow your ears to breathe or whilst you are talking with someone outside VR. Personally, I found flipping the earphones backward was much faster instead.

The headphone pads are soft to the touch, there is a thin PU leather cover that has perforated holes in the Center to allow the audio to pass through them better. This makes them easy to wipe down if you use them for fitness and they become sweaty.

Once attached to the Quest 2 Elite, I found they were very comfortable, they lightly brush over my ears, so they are not close or tight enough to be uncomfortable, and thanks to the positioning and movement of the clips and mounts I was able to position the audio drivers right over my ears to get the best audio out of them.

Most fixed headstraps prevent many over-ear headphones from fitting perfectly over your ears, whilst earbuds can completely block all outside sound, so you can sometimes miss calls, the doorbell and the people around you. So having a pair of clip-on headphones like these from AMVR are the best of both worlds.

Luckily these sound really good. After playing through a session of Beat Saber, I instantly heard a difference to the onboard speakers and they were even better than my in-ear buds at times. The level of bass is really good, mids are warm and treble is good too. Just as long as you can get them close to your ears.

As expected, unfortunately the clips didn’t last the amount to times I clipped them onto the various straps during my test. Looking back, it might have been that I tried to fit them onto my halo strap where it didn’t need any of the rubber pads inside them, so that put a lot of force on the clip when I tried to attach them. So don’t do that! My view of the clips still stand though. I think they could have been done in a much better way, and I will explore this myself and 3D print my solution for various straps soon. So if you’re invested in that, do subscribe and follow us on Twitter to learn more about this over the coming weeks.

I would have liked to see these in white, maybe with black ear pads so they do not get dirty from sweaty ears. The audio would also improved if the mounts had more play inwards as well as their height adjustments. The 3.5mm end of the cable could have been around 1-inch longer for the Halo strap, but it was long enough for other straps. The joining cable was just enough to feed through the velcro parts of the head straps or facial interface. If the ear pads had thicker foam to them, with a hollow middle, they would help improve the audio much better for straps where the ear pad just wasn’t touching your ears.

These are better suited to the Elite and Soft Strap from Oculus really, so if you have any of these straps and you’re looking for a halfway house between in-ear and headphones, then these are a great solution for the Quest 2, and after a little modding myself I think I’ll be using these over my in-ear earphones from now on.


0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Current audio solutions
1:13 – AMVR Headphones
1:49 – Unboxing
2:03 – Installation
4:27 – Sound
6:53 – Elite Strap fit
9:19 – Soft Strap fit
11:26 – Eyglo KS5 Head Strap fit
13:06 – Jayol Halo Strap fit
14:06 – Clip issues
14:36 – Inside and 3D print mod
15:47 – Overall impressions & improvements

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