AMVR Charging Dock for Quest 2 Controllers & Headset Review


In this video, I take a look at the AMVR Charging Dock for Meta / Oculus Quest 2. You can buy this charging dock for $45.99 from Amazon here →

AMVR isn’t new to charging docks for the Quest 2, two years ago they had a Quest 2 headset charging dock (that I thought in this video was new!). They then released towards the end of last year a controller charging solution but like many charging docks, it never could support knuckle straps. There have been some lukewarm attempts, but none have really nailed it. Until now.

AMVR has upgraded their recent docking station that works with my favourite knuckle strap grips for the Quest 2 Touch controllers. So what is there NOT to like…well, not much. More on that later.

If you’re yet to sample their bulk-free grips, then these come bundled in the box along with leather straps, rechargeable batteries, the charging station and a 1.5m long power cable to charge your Quest 2. AMVR thinks you won’t be needing the official Quest 2 power cable, so you will need that cable and the wall adapter to power this charging dock (or find an alternative USB cable and wall adapter).

Once powered up and the replacement battery doors are fitted with the supplied rechargeable batteries inside, popping the controllers onto the dock is very easy and the dock holds on to them very well. Knuckle straps don’t feel impaired once they are on the dock and a small controller symbol lights up once the dock has been powered on with its front touch sensitive button.

Quest 2 charging is a little less catered for in its aesthetics. Simply connect the USB cable to the rear port and the USB-C end to your Quest 2. This means you have the headset sitting somewhere nearby (within 1.5m) whilst it charges, instead of having a dedicated place on the dock alongside the controllers.

If AMVR did include a spot for the headset, it would look very similar to the Anker charging station. Remove the headset part on the Anker and squash the controller docking points together and you’ll get something very similar looking.

Priority of charging is aimed towards the headset over the attached controllers, however, wireless charging over cable will be slower on the controllers anyway. The charging indication for each controller and the headset is done on the mini display on the top centre of the AMVR charging dock. Yellow for empty, red for charging and green for fully charged.

They’ve done a lot of things right with this charging dock. So what’s bad? Well, not a lot. I could nitpick about the charging indication colours, its thin leather straps, and its omission of charging the headset in a nicer looking way. I am clutching at straws here until you notice its price, which is a little ambitious. But considering you’re getting some fantastic $20 knuckle straps along with it, the price of ownership isn’t as gut wrenching as you think.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:27 – Unboxing
1:54 – Power on
2:18 – Install Knuckle Grips
4:06 – Charging
7:36 – Replace straps with ProTubeVR ProStraps
8:25 – My impressions

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