AMVR Anti Scratch Lens Rings for Quest & Rift S Review


Having owned the Oculus Quest since its launch in May 2019, the one issue I’ve only had to bring to the Oculus Support team was to replace my cracked lens ring. For some unknown reason, because I don’t wear glasses, the left lens ring cracked and fell out of my Quest around 8 months into owning the Quest. Then, a few months later, its replacement also cracked and fell out. So there seems to be some stress fracturing going on with my left lens frame cover that’s just killing these official lens ring covers, that or the thin plastic material they use is just not fit for purpose.

The AMVR Lens Rings come packed in a tiny box

So with my Quest still missing its left lens ring, I saw that AMVR has created these rubber protective lens covers for the Quest, so I had high hopes that these might be something that lasts a little longer than the official ones, plus they would also give the lenses some added protection should anyone with glasses put on my Quest.

In the box: 3 Red, 3 Blue and 6 Black Silicon covers and 2 base frames
From left to right – 6mm, 5mm, 4mm covers and original Quest lens frame for scale

The AMVR Anti Scratch Lens Rings for Quest & Rift S comes packaged in a tiny box, packed full of three different sizes of lens thicknesses and in four different colour themes, using the red, blue or black silicone covers. Sadly, you don’t get one of each red and blue colour in the box. Instead, you have the option to go with a combination of either red and blue theme, giving a Nintendo Switch or Beat Saber vibe, or going all black on both the left and right lenses. I guess you could also go blue and black or red and black too.

After removing the original frames, you then clip the plastic frames onto each lens

To apply these AMVR lens covers to your Quest you simply remove the thin original Oculus lens ring covers, then insert the plastic base frame around the lens, which will then click into place. Then choose the size of the silicone ring you wish to use, from 4mm, 5mm and 6mm sizes and then pick the colour from that size of silicone ring cover and stretch the ring around and onto the base frame. There are three little raised ridges located around the base frame that match up with the holes of the silicone rubber cover rings, so it’s easy to align the rings.

Attaching the lens covers is best done with the facial interface removed
Once complete you can put the facial interface back on and we’re done!

Once complete, the rubber rings really look the part, especially if you’ve chosen the red and blue left and right rings. The snap-on attachment frames gave me a sense that these will not come off any time soon as it’s made of much thicker plastic, so I doubt they will crack just like the official frames have done for me. The silicone rubber frame covers feel good to the touch and each frame thickness size will no doubt be great for different glass wearers.

The AMVR Anti Scratch Lens Rings are mainly aimed at wearers of glasses, however, they look just great as a cosmetic accessory for your Quest too. Each size of the three frame covers carry various thicknesses and when trying out the smallest 4mm and the biggest 6mm covers on my Quest, I could not feel either of the thicknesses with my eyelashes – and I have super long eyelashes. So as cosmetic items, they don’t reduce the functionality as a non-glass wearer, but when you have someone with metal-framed glasses putting your precious Quest on their head, you can rest assured that you have a level of protection to prevent their spectacle frames from scratching the lenses on the Quest. The silicone material on each ring also helps to not scratch the frames or the lenses of the wearer’s glasses too.

Whether cosmetic or for protection, these covers look great and I am sure they will last

Whether you use these covers for cosmetic appearance, or to also protect your Quest lenses from being scratched from glasses, the AMVR is a simple yet solid accessory for your Oculus Quest. Retailing for £15.99 from Amazon, it may seem a little costly for just cosmetic use, but for the protection of the lenses, it’s a small price to pay for keeping your lenses protected, and you no longer have to worry about sharing your Quest with strangers or with friends and family who wear metal-framed glasses.

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