Vote To Bring Rec Room to Oculus Quest


Seattle-based developer Against Gravity, who created the popular VR multiplayer online game Rec Room, has generated a survey asking “Where would you like to play Rec Room?”.

One of the options is, of course, the Oculus Quest. So if you want to see Rec Room on the Oculus Quest, get voting!

Vote Rec Room For Oculus Quest

Rec Room was first released on Windows in 2016 and it was released later on PlayStation VR in 2017. The online multiplayer game has players entering a hub of separate multiplayer games, including first-person shooters, cooperative action role-playing games, a charades-like game, and five sports games:

  • Paintball – includes both capture the flag and team deathmatch modes.
  • Laser Tag – FPS MOBA with creeps, HP, and rudimentary lanes, with the objective to gain more points than the other team by killing enemies.
  • Rec Royale (released on 7 June 2018) – a Battle royale game for 14 to 16 players in “solo” mode and 18 players in team mode.
  • Quests – 4 cooperative action role-playing quests, each centered around a different theme. Each quest includes weapons and creeps unique to that quest.
  • 3D Charades – similar to Pictionary or Charades.
  • Bowling
  • Dodgeball
  • Disc Golf
  • Soccer
  • Paddleball – 3D zero-gravity Pong. You can play against online opponents, or practice against targets.

The best thing of all is that Rec Room also provides in-game tools for user-generated maps and games. Allowing gamers to play user-generated content that will keep players coming back for more new and unique games.

Visit the survey and get voting to bring Rec Room to Oculus Quest!

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