Danish developer, Gamalocus, has announced confined that its upcoming Voronium – Locust Sols will be coming to the Oculus Quest.

The Sci-Fi tower-defence/FPS game will first see its release on PC in November 16th 2018, with support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. It will also be coming to other platforms including Playstation VR, Oculus Go and Oculus Quest – Likely for launch (?).

Its developer has found a solution to the common issue known as locomotion in VR. They have done this by using a pull movement initiated by the player in zero-gravity, and teleportation between shooting positions whist time has slowed down.


Voronium – Locust Sols takes place on a planet far away. Mankind has discovered Voronium which became it’s ultimate energy source. Your job is to protect the Voronium mining operation at all cost, building defensive structures and operating them simultaneously. The game mixes two classic genres of game-play: Tower defense and First person shooter. The game is made exclusively for VR to utilize its full potential.


  • Tech-noir storyline driving the game forward
  • Tower-defence gameplay (protect the base)
  • Evolving tech-tree
  • Multiple different opponents – different behavior requires different tacktics
  • First person gameplay – participate in the defending in VR FPS mode
  • Possess everything, even autonomous towers can be possessed by the player

I will have a firm release date for the Oculus Quest as soon as I hear more. Until then, check out the trailer above and below.