Ultrawings Flight Simulation Gameplay Demo on the Oculus Quest

Watch VR YouTuber, Nathie, take to the skies in Ultrawings, a compelling VR simulation game for the Oculus Quest.

In Ultrawings, you’ll pilot multiple aircraft using your virtual hands to interact with the flight stick and instruments to complete tons of missions while soaring around beautiful islands.

Ultrawings is an Oculus Quest launch title and retails for $14.99 (£10.99) and it is also a cross-buy title with the Rift.

I’ve owned Ultrawings on the Oculus Go, so it is sad that cross-buy doesn’t cover Go titles as well. However, it is a ton of fun if you are a simulation fan and I will certainly be picking this up again.

The controls are fairly straight forward so even if you are not a fan of simulation, you can reach for the skies and fly through the many Pilot Wings-esk challenges that face you, such as flying through rings, popping balloons and gliding your plane once it has run out of fuel.

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