Twisted Metal and Mario Kart Mashup Racing Game Death Lap Coming to Oculus Quest

I am a massive Twisted Metal fan. Hours have been clocked roaming around the Paris level in the first version on the original PlayStation game. So when I heard that Death Lap was a mashup between this and Mario Kart – another classic racer – I had to sit up and learn more.

Coming from OZWE Games, the developers of the Anshar franchise, Death Lap will bring racing combat to the Oculus Quest sometime ‘soon’. Players will be able to wield deadly short and long-range weapons and be the first to cross the finish line in once piece to win. Players will also be able to take secret paths, trigger traps and pick-up items that are spread around each of the five tracks you race on.

There will be five vehicles to choose from, each with their own personality, character and each featuring different weapons and special abilities. Up to six players, be it AI or a multiplayer opponent, will be able to fight each other and players can rank up on a global leaderboard.

Control mechanics have been carefully thought about, with options to use the left stick or tilt of the controller to drive the vehicle, whilst the right controller is used to control the weapons. I really hope its developers explore a way in which you mimic grabbing the wheel with the left controller, so that all those hours driving with one hand on Chase HQ and SEGA Rally in the arcades will pay off!

Look out for Death Lap on the Oculus Quest store soon. Just like this guy above, I can’t wait!

Check out the Oculus blog for more details on this game from its developer.

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  1. Nicolas

    Waiting for this one !